Friday, April 14, 2006


The weekend is almost here which means we are almost finished with our rush of Easter work. We still have a Requiem (by John Rutter) to perform tonight and three services to play Easter morning. Then ~ we can breathe.

Here is the yarn I decided on for the Embossed Leaves socks from Interweave Knits (Winter 05). It is a cotton/microfiber blend named Senso I got from Hobby Lobby. No, it is not any name brand, but it sure comes out beautifully smooth and yummy! It is not too stretchy, so the socks won't come out too tight ~ I realize I prefer a softer fit rather than tight around my feet. They may even be bunchy at the cuffs. For me, that is just fine. This is the same yarn I used on the Lacey socks (last month's postings).
Gee - I just realized it is almost the same color as the book! I was actually looking for cream, but they didn't have any.

Then I have a few increases done on the back of my Drops design sweater:

It is coming along steadily. I am not a fast knitter and have had only a minimal amount of leisure time these past few weeks, so progress is slow. I guess I am a turtle - but it will get done. My goal is June - think I'll make it??

If I haven't visited your blog lately, please forgive. My time becomes more flexible after Sunday, so I'll stop by after the weekend.

Happy Easter To All!


Sharon said...

Happy Easter to you too.