Saturday, April 08, 2006

14 Rows

All right then - you wanted to see sweater progress, so here it is.
Fourteen rows done on the back:

We had rehearsal of Dvorak Stabat Mater this morning, then drove like maniacs to the symphony hall for rehearsal of Walton's Balshazaar's Feast.

These are both huge choral works requiring lots of concentration.

The other oboist and I are hoping we still have some brains in our head for the Walton tonight.

And then we both have early morning church services to play and the Dvorak tomorrow night.

So I am sitting at home trying to veg out for a bit before going back to work. It is quiet in the house since my husband is out playing two weddings and I am alone.

Maybe I'll knit a row or two ....


Sharon said...

You lead a very busy musical life and you still get time to knit!!!

Knittinreed said...

Hi Sharon - I knit late at night or early in the morning while having my 2nd cup of coffee. It is usually the only time I get. I love to keep my hands busy - might as well be productive and creative at the same time. There is something about the rhythm of the needles that I find calming after a long and intense day.