Monday, June 26, 2006

Thank You

Thank you for keeping John and his family and those of us who love him in your thoughts. I truly appreciate your warm wishes. They are helping me more than my words can express. You gals are great!

Happy stuff now:

Green Gable is coming along fine. The fit is a little looser than the design but I am happy with that since I do not need my middle aged back and arms being shown off to the world:

I believe I have a few more rows until I begin the waist decreases. This is getting exciting - it is my first garment (not including socks). And I may have it finished before the end of the summer! Yippee!!!

Vacation Time

We are getting ready for our vacation in Cozumel next week after the July 4th concerts. Socks are on the menu ~ I received this pretty buttery yarn from Carodan Farms and think it will turn into a nice pair of Embossed Leaves. I found that I prefer solids over colorways that show off the more intricate textures clearly. Whaddya think?

I considered navy blue but the bright colors are appealing to me right now.

Face cloths are always a beach favorite of mine too:

One of my friends admired the speckled yarn and thought a face cloth out of it would be perfect. Ahhh, one Christmas gift figured out!

I like to knit while sitting on the beach under a palapa, enjoying an adult beverage while looking out over the water and enjoying the sounds and sensations of the beach.

(Palapa: the big straw umbrella firmly planted in the sand)

I found this palapa picture on our hotel website and realized the person taking it might have had a bit too much adult beverage ~ the ocean doesn't actually tilt to the south!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

The good and the bad

The opera has been good, but taxing on the hands. It runs 3.25 hours, and I play 75% of that time. That is a long time to hold an oboe and not conducive to much knitting! I have been using my paraffin bath which is very soothing and theraputic ~ must preserve the hands for work. Today's matinee is the last performance.

The other good is that I have been able to knit a few times this week, thus progressing a little bit on GG. Here we are right now:

The bad is that my mentor has been diagnosed with a very fast growing brain cancer. They will perform surgery next week in hopes of prolonging his life for a few more months. I have been getting daily updates that help me and all the other out-of-towners feel connected (he is 1500 miles away). Our oboe community is really pulling together with the numerous visits and phone calls and cards. We don't think he knows who most of us are at this point, but the efforts seem to keep him in good spirits which is what really matters. Thank you for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers.

That's all for now, gotta go to work.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Back on Track!

Here is my Green Gable that is again underway:

I think I have figured it out and feel confident (for now.) Let's hope the train will stay on the right track this time!

We are awaiting my mentor's results from the tests and the course of action the doctors will recommend. We should know something Wednesday. He is very concerned that this might (in his words) be the beginning of the end. I hear that and it just breaks my heart and I find myself fighting back tears. I feel like I am losing my father all over again. On a positive note, I called on Friday and we had a good conversation.

I must stay focused and concentrate since that is what he would expect of me; this week is full of Opera rehearsals and performances. I will be out every night and Sunday afternoon. We are performing The Marriage Of Figaro by Mozart. The soloists were very good (all but one who was just okay) at Saturday's rehearsal, but we will hear what tomorrow brings. This is a 3 1/2 hour opera, so the nights will all be loooooooooooooong.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

A Slow Go

Caution: lots of pictures!

This week has been a slow go for dear Green Gables. I ripped it out yet again after deciding the underarm was too tight. I figured out why: I had used M1 instead of K1F&B for the increases. Why, one might ask? I did not know this increase and could not find it in my Montse Stanley book, so I figured it would work okay. Not! M1 is not at all stretchy. And after looking at the lace panel, I decided I could do a better job than that as well.

So I cast on yet again and knit a few rows. Alas! Now what did I do???

Twisted when I joined. Oh rats! I guess it was just too late, I was too tired and I did have a bit of an adult beverage, thank you.

GG got ripped out one more time. The next morning I started over. This time I was *very* careful in joining and had success. I found in my Sally Melville Purl how to do the K1F&B. So now I am on the way again. This easy little Tee has been anything but for me! Here are some pics:

Here is the K1F&B:

Remember that we just celebrated our 20th? Here is the beautiful bracelet my beloved husband gave to me:

When I returned home after Opera rehearsal today, guess what was sitting on my front step?This:

And what was in said box?

Yummy sock yarn from Carodan Farms!

Now that work is done for the weekend, my husband has also finished and we are just relaxing for a bit, I look forward to some quiet knitting time tonight and tomorrow.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Quick Report

I began Green Gable Saturday night and frogged three times before I had it right.
I also found the Green Gable KAL and was able to join. This is my first KAL!
The top should be far enough along by tomorrow for a picture to show what it really looks like.
I am liking this Sirdar Breeze - it has a nice texture and is a bit stretchy resulting in a nice fabric.
Here is the swatch:
Have a good Monday -

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Today is hot and sunny here in Texas. From last year to this, we are something like 54% below normal for rainfall and water usage restrictions are in effect.
These pictures were taken outdoors with the 11:00 a.m. at 92 degrees F with the sun beating down.

The Fern Lace Stole is moving at a slow but steady pace:

And the back of my sweater is done (not blocking, just pinned for the photo):

I have begun the first sleeve:

And then I saw the cutest top Mer Knits showed us on her blog and just couldn't resist buying the pattern and making a trip to the LYS:

I am hoping it will look good in this creamy Sirdar "Breeze."

As always, I am grateful to receive your kind comments.

We enjoyed our 20th anniversary with a nice dinner. My wonderful husband gave me a beautiful pearl and gold bracelet to pair with the pearl necklace I frequently wear. So of course I wore them both last night for our Brahms Requeim performance. I think pearls look nice with formal black dress. Here's to 20 more years!

My teacher is still awaiting diagnosis of his condition and treatment options. He is having good days and bad days as well. Prayers for him and his family are welcome if you are so inclined.

I hope your weekend is relaxing and filled with good knitting and family (or whatever) time.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Sarah Jane, Teyani and Sharon - thank you for your thoughts. The oboe community is praying for our dear teacher's health. More on that as I find out. I was able to knit some tonight, you are right ~ it does help.

Since I had planned to fly out Thursday morning, I do not have any commitments for the next week. However I did accept a job (in the same orchestra as my husband) to play the Brahms Requiem this Thursday and Friday. The other oboist is also close to our teacher, so I have a feeling this will be a moving experience.

Today is our 20th wedding anniversary. Here is who we were 20 years ago:

And here we are now (well, last summer):

Not quite as young or thin ~ but behold ~ my hair is almost the same color. Thank you Clairol.

I'll stop by your blogs this week and see what everyone has been up to.

It has been forever since I just sat here and surfed. Have a beautiful Wednesday.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Feeling Down

We have had another crazy busy week and I have been too tired to even knit! The ballet performance was reviewed by the classical music reviewer (not the dance reviewer). He mentioned that the orchestra was "competent." I guess that is okay. Then I had early Sunday morning services to play, and drove a friend to the airport in the afternoon. Geesh! No wonder I am tired!
We just found out that my beloved teacher and mentor is having major health issues. I was supposed to go to N.C for a week of master classes but it has been cancelled. So I am feeling quite blue.

I will get back to my knitting tonight and hopefully have some cool pics for you this week. In the meantime, here are some cheery flowers in the front of our home -