Monday, September 29, 2008

Hello again and an FO!

Hmmm - it has been a while since I updated. Believe it or not, the cough is still here. After weeks of tests and pharmaceuticals it is finally better. This year has been my worst ever for allergies that caused the bronchitis. I am loaded up with meds but can at least function now. Good thing I didn't have any jobs for the past few weeks - I was non-functioning as a teacher or player. But we are on track now and I am working again.

Wallis Cardigan is finished. But I think I am going to place the hooks differently so the front doesn't gap. The sweater is not at all tight but the gaps make it look like it is.

Stats: Yarn: Sublime by Sirdar 50% cotton/50% soy

Needles: Options #4 & 5

Start: 8/10/08

Finish: 9/28/08

Jim's new sweater is Cobblestone from IK Fall 2007. I abandoned the Sirdar pullover in favor of this one. Using this Sirdar Country DK green heathered yarn (but this is not Cobblestone - just wanted to show you the color):

Bought some Wool Ease for a mere $1.99 a skein at Joanns today. I plan to cast on for Imogen later this week ;-) The total cost for the yearn was $15.00! I think my husband will be pleased with my thriftiness. Check it out:

The color is Blue Mist. I love the flecks of color and think it will look nice in Imogen. What do you think?

We have the opening concert of RSO this week - great repertoire: Brahms Piano Concerto, Schubert Symphony in D Major and Hindemith Symphonic Metamorphosis.

Guess I better go practice. Have a good week, y'all.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

FO: Baby Sweater

After we finished the Mahler concerts, I took a week to go to NY and visit Mom. She is doing well.

I also visited my cousin (on the right) at his new home:

And got some knitting in:

This is a One Piece Baby Sweater. I used Hobby Lobby's new "I Love This Yarn" - but I don't really love it. I think there are other acrylics that are softer. However, it will be very easy care for the new Mama and hopefully fit the baby when it starts to get cool here.

I also developed bronchitis again (remember last year?!). Not at all fun. The Dr gave me loads of pharmaceuticals to drive it out. We'll see - so far not so good. I am on bed rest for another day .... I haven't even knit for 4 days - you KNOW I am under the weather!

Wallis Cardigan was coming along well in NY - both fronts are almost done. Hopefully I will feel like knitting later today.

We are awaiting the rains and winds from hurricane Ike. I need to go the grocery store for a few things to tide us over. Maybe tomorrow I can get out. We won't get anything like the Texas coast. but still will have some effects.