Tuesday, June 30, 2009

4th of July insanity

It is July.

It is Texas.

And we are expected to play outdoor concerts. And you are expected to attend said concerts.

People - it has been HOT HOT HOT. What are they thinking??? I have three outdoor performances this week: East Texas Symphony, North East Texas Symphony and Ft. Worth Symphony ..... you may never hear from me again since I will surely melt into a little pool of nothingness.

But before I melt - here is my progress on Juno Regina. I ripped back a few times and in frustration frogged it. After licking my wounds and eating my humble pie, I cast on again and this time used a life line. The diamonds are complete and the infamous 42" begins.

Thanks for all your comments - it was fun having Janet here. And yes Lella, we can fit both cars in our garage! The socks are resting right now but after all this craziness dies down, I expect to get back to them. They are ready for me to begin the toes :-)

Mer - it was because of your Juno Regina is so beautiful that I decided to knit one.

If I don't melt this weekend, I'll see you soon.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friends and UFOs

I can't believe an entire week has passed since Janet was here!

She is a friend of 30 years and was passing by our fair city. We ate, danced (well, the dancers did) and laughed a lot. She also got to see the ballet and hear me play in the orchestra for the first time in 25 years. I think she enjoyed it; I know I did.

Apparently so did the reviewer: "The evening opened with Leonid Lavrovsky's Paganini, a psychological study of the brilliant but tormented Italian violinist and composer Niccolo Paganini. Pianist Gleb Ivanov and the Metropolitan Classical Ballet Orchestra performed the Rachmaninoff score with vivid finesse." She even had nice things to say about the dancing :-)

Since Janet was so intrigued by my knitting, I decided to finish the jaywalkers for her :-)

I cast on for Juno Regina from Knitty with some Knitpicks Gloss. Here is my progress so far:

Broderie is still in the works, but has been resting since it requires mindful knitting and my schedule has been too busy for me concentrate on it. I will get back to it when things slow down a bit.

Have a great weekend:-)

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Celebrating 23 years

23 years ago

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Broderie Bit

Broderie waistband blocking......

I stopped in at Montgomery Mills again and bought 2 lbs (2400 yards) of Peruvian Tweed - alpaca. At the mill, the yarn is in gigantic skeins in big boxes on the floor with hand printed signs. No labels. So searching turned up this:

"Peruvian Tweed is a Joseph Galler alpaca yarn that is incredibly soft, warm, and lofty, and all of the colors come naturally from the variations in the alpacas themselves—no dyed colors. One ply is a combed blend of colors while the second ply is one solid color. 600 yards of this light worsted-weight, 100% natural alpaca yarn is an excellent value! Hand wash, lay flat to dry.

Fiber: 100% Alpaca
Gauge: 4 (Medium); 20–22 sts = 4"
Needle: US 7 or 8 (4.5 or 5 mm)
Crochet Hook: G or H
Yardage: 600 yds
Weight: 7.6–8 oz"

I hope to knit this for Jim. I think it will look stunning with this yarn.

Got back from NY late last night and I am one pooped puppy! I had gone up for my cousin's funeral so it was a sad week but great to be with family. We had so much love and support I cannot even begin to tell you the comfort we found.