Saturday, November 28, 2009

Slipper Grippers

We wore these all Thanksgiving day. I was relieved that they all fit - except mine, which were too small.

I attached Slipper Grippers with the hot glue gun since the recipients have wood floors and stairs. I'll let you know how it wears.

I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with family, food and joy. Our family just left for home and we have Nutcracker tonight. They came to our rehearsal last night and were quite mesmerized at being able to watch a live orchestra (especially the brother and sister-in-law while we played) being only a few feet away. They had never been that close up and personal before. Oh yes, there were dancers too :-0

Performance tonight and matinee tomorrow. Work, work, work (thankfully) for us. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

almost FO: French Press Knits slippers

These were the fastest project I ever knit. They are not quite done but I could not resist posting....

French Press Knits slippers knit in Patons Classic Merino in bright red on size 15 straights. A very well written pattern ~ totally clear!

If you ever wanted to delve into felting - now is the time! These will make great Chrismas presents.

They were a very wet model on my feet and will probably take longer to dry than they took to knit! There is a little strap that goes across the top (drying as well) that is achored at one end by a button. Tomorrow is button searching day....

Sunday, November 15, 2009

FO: Felted Clogs

They are now all felted and drying thanks to my friend Maria and her perfectly sized model feet.

Some have a bit of an odd shape, but they will still fit and be just fine.

So now I have been infected with the felting bug..... I just bought this pattern (OMG - so freakin' cute) and some more Paton's Classic Wool to make yet even more slippers.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Conglomeration of clogs

Has it been this long since the last post? Yikes!

We are into our busiest season now; between the opera, students, symphony and random church work, Day to Day has been ignored. But not the knitting. I did finish and have already worn Scoop de Jour - photos soon :-) I promise.

Rhinebeck was *very* cool. I got to meet Vi and Zarzuela and had lunch with a dear friend. I found some beautiful Cormo to spin, hand-dyed merino and bamboo lace weight and a beautiful deep red merino for a special project. It was really cold on Saturday but a nice sunny day. It was also very crowded. I am not too happy with big crowds - it felt like so many people all sort of pushing you along. While it was a wonderful event, I don't know if I will go again. I went by myself - I think it would have been great if I had a fibery friend.
Mom didn't go so I gave her ticket to a lady coming in who was very surprised she just received a free ticket. I hope her day turned out to be a good one.

These are ready to be felted

I love, love, love this Fiber Trends pattern. It is very well written (trust the pattern!!) and the clogs always turn out great. I like to use Classic Merino because it felts so well. And while the color selection at the local hobby shops is limited, I can still find some that are fun. I bought some of this to try for non-slip soles. I'll let you know how it works.

We are having Thanksgiving here with family and friends, so I thought it would be nice for them to have house slippers.

Felting party is Saturday - want to come?

Today starts with morning childrens concerts, so I must get a move on. Have a fabulous rest of the week ~