Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tagged and Bagged

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I have been married to the same man for 22 years.

If I had the room, I would have a workshop with power tools.

I would LOVE to compete in the Amazing Race with my husband.

I never wanted children though I love to teach them.

I prefer a hot climate rather than a cold one. Good thing I live in North Central Texas!

I am not ashamed that I drive an SUV.

I love snuggling on the couch in the dead of winter (as it is here) with a roaring fire in the fireplace and a glass of dry red wine in my hand.

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Here is my progress on BYOB. It seems like it would be a fast knit, except my patience for rows and rows of seed stitch is limited. I am knitting with the old Cotton Ease yarn with #4 Options.

Once again Blogger is doing something weird with the spacing - sorry.
Thanks for all your great comments on my last few blogs. Sorry I didn't thank you sooner - just count on the fact that I am a delinquent. Er, I mean late in getting to it.

Friday, July 25, 2008

BYU, Friends and Rockies

Here are some scenes from Provo

A view from the campus

Me and my dear friend Fumiko
My name tag has a green ribbon on the bottom because I was a "presenter."
I liked that people knew I was playing and was more recognizable.
People looked at that and commented on our performance.

The Rockies from my plane window


We even let a clarinet player in. Hi Mary!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

IDRS and Oboes

Dear knitting buddies ~ I confess that I have not touched my needles here in Provo. Instead, I have been making reeds, rehearsing and performing. Our recital was this morning and went pretty darn well :-) Then I tried and compared instruments for hours and decided to spend a pretty penny on this:

I have been looking since I sold my other one last summer. This one has a gorgeous sound and I hope will break in nicely. Methinks I will be on a yarn diet for a while. Hmmm ~~~ how much yarn does the cost of an oboe translate into?

I am coming home tomorrow and look forward to not having to race around for a few days and get back to my knitting. On the needles are the BYOB and a pair of Monkey socks. My first priority is the bag (right now, anyway).

Oops - Got to head out for a quick bite then back to BYU for the evening concert. Enjoy your evening.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Back from the beach

We're back! And I am in Provo..... More later.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Thank you

For all your lovely comments. I am looking forward to wearing this one :-)

But before I get a chance to wear it, we are spending a week on the Mayan Riviera with family and friends

lounging on the beach, partaking of fine food and cold adult beverages.
We almost had a crisis when last night our brother in law discovered his passport expires TOMORROW. He was able to make an appointment in the Houston passport office for today, flew there this morning, got there in time and managed to get a new one issued right away.
His wife wound up doing all the packing and will have to travel to Houston tomorrow to meet him, then they are off to Mexico. Let's just say she was not too thrilled when we spoke tonight.
But, the crisis has been averted.

We get home on Saturday, then I head to Provo on Monday for the conference and will be looking at this

We head out Sunday so no news for a while.

Happy knitting, dear fellow fiber friends.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

FO Flutter Sleeve Cardigan

Here 'tis

This is Flutter Sleeve Cardigan from IK Spring 2008.

I am pretty happy with it. I used 5 skeins of Micro-Spun and #5, 4, and 1 Options. I cast on May 31 and finished on July 7. My plan was to finish in time for the International Double Reed Conference at BYU in Provo, Utah. The University dress code requests no sleeveless tops.... I thought it would be appropriate to comply. Wearing my little hand knit sweater :-)

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Harp Fire 2008

Since I last posted, I have taught numerous oboe students, practiced like a fiend and attended Harp Fire 2008. Here we all are:

There were 34 participents and 6 faculty. It was hard work but a real blast!

Here is the Adult Ensemble up in the back

and if you look closely, the arrow is pointing at me.

I didn't get a lick of knitting done this week 'cos I was just too darn fried. But I did finish knitting Flutter Sleeve before camp began and am ready to seam it up. And one of my fellow adult students was a knitter and spinner! We had fun playing together and talking fiber.

All in all it was a great week. Have a GREAT July 4th.