Friday, December 30, 2005

Dainty Bess Progress

I have been feverishly working on this in hopes of finishing and blocking by Tuesday. Please keep your needles (or fingers) crossed for the target day! Knitting with lace weight yarn takes a loooong time to get any length ~ I had no idea. It sure has been fun and challenging to work with. We are at about 16" right now.
Here it is as of today:

Thursday, December 29, 2005


Here are two little pictures of Tiger Eye all blocked.
I did not make the pattern symmetrical - just kept going to the end. It somehow seems more oganic to me that way.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Tiger Eye and Dainty Bess

Today we took my car in for 45K maintenance. Nice thing - they give us a loaner car to use! So my husband and I went shopping. We didn't buy much (with our gift cards from Xmas) but we did have a lovely morning together.

I finished the Tiger Eye Scarf and am in the blocking process. Now before you look at this, I use an old striped beach towel as a guide. It looks like he** but keeps me in line. Literally. Can't see too much of the pattern due to the lovely red stripes, so when it is dry I'll try for a better detail shot.

So here is the blocking of Tiger Eye:

Next on the needles is Dainty Bess. I bought the pattern from Knit Picks in a collection of three called Elizabeth I. This is using Knit Picks Shimmer, an Alpaca and Silk blend and #4 needles. The fingers at the top are my husbands, mine at the bottom. (No, I don't have three hands although sometimes it would be really nice!)

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas!

It is still Christmas Eve here, but in the East you are already in this glorious day. So merry Christmas to you!

We played two church services tonight with string quintet, brass, timpani, harp, oboe, organ and choir. Quite a fete. Twice. The sermons were so short I could not get even one row knitted. I did, however get in a few between the services, so here it is so far:

Knitted Round Dishcloth (free pattern) from
I am using Peaches and Cream in white with #4 needles. (Yes, I am a loose knitter who wants a dense cloth). I anticipate the Tiger Eye to be finished tomorrow, then I plan a real concentration on the Dainty Bess Lace Scarf. Pictures to follow........
Enjoy your evening and have a loving and joyful Christmas.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Already Friday

Where did this week go??? After a looooong weekend and students on Monday, I finally finished my Xmas shopping. Although there are still cards to write and send (yes, yes, I know they will be late) everything else is finished.

One of my students is entering a concerto competition, so we were recording her last night. The sound was good except for the dratted minidisc player skipping! We are re-recording today.

We put up the tree 2 weeks ago but only on Wednesday did we decorate. It has been difficult for me to get in the Christmas mood this year.

I am almost finished with the Tiger Eye scarf. I think I will keep this one for me and wear it Christmas Eve. I have not been working on the Dainty Bess but will get back to is as soon as Tiger is done.

Pics of the works soon ..... I promise.

Friday, December 16, 2005

It's Friday Again

And there are four more Nutcrackers in the works this weekend in addition to three church services. I love my work and I love to work. But I am ready to be able to stay home evenings with my husband, cook nice dinners for us, and of course, knit for an hour or two a day. After Sunday, there are only the Christmas Eve services to prepare for so the schedule will let up until January.

I haven't had much time to sit and knit and am feeling very itchy to feel the needles and the rhythm of the stitches in my hands. Maybe if we arrive at the hall early enough tonight, I can get in a row or two. I will try to take a few pictures Sunday or Monday of the Dainty Bess scarf I began, so check back after the weekend. Sadly, Tiger Eye has been on the back burner while I figure out how to knit with laceweight yarn.

I hope you have a safe and joyous weekend.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Happy Husband

Since I finished the scarf for him, my husband is happy. I bet he thought it would never get done since he sees me knitting the other projects all the time. So here it is!

This is the Irish Hiking Scarf, knitted in Simply Soft (machine washable and truly soft!) on #8 needles. Here is the free pattern link:

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sunday Link

Here is the link to the Tiger Eye Lace Scarf as requested. It is a free pattern that was posted about in Knitters Review.

I am hoping to get mine finished soon. I did finish my husband's Irish Hiking Scarf today and will post a pic as soon I can.

Hope your weekend has been joyful.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Finally Friday

And it is off to make more music this weekend. I drove to St. Stephen Presbyterian Church last night for a rehearsal. It is a remarkable building considering it was built in the 1900s. I have to go back on Sunday morning to play the service.

Tomorrow morning is a Messiah rehearsal, then home to teach. And that evening will be the last performance of "Tales of Hoffman" so I will go hear my husband and friends perform in the orchestra. Oh yes, I guess I will also listen to the singers. And yes, I will also take my knitting to do before the show since we will be there quite early.
Sunday will be busy with the early morning St. Stephen service, then another church service in the afternoon, then off to play my final Messiah performance for this Christmas season.
I sure hope I can get in some knitting here or there. Maybe during the sermons?! After all, we won't be seen up in the choir lofts and I can knit and listen at the same time. (Unlike at the Opera, thank you.) I hope to get my husband's Irish Hiking Scarf done as well as the Tiger Eye. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Wintery Wednesday

The wind is blowing, the sleet is falling, the city is getting all backed up. Traveling on icy roads in an urban setting is no fun! Since we have no snow removal and lots of bridges and overpasses, the area basically shuts down. Many activities for this evening have been cancelled - gee, I wonder if my rehearsal will be cancelled?

My dear husband has a crummy cold, so I made comfort food for dinner - Chicken Shepard's Pie.
Too bad he has to drive downtown and play opera tonight. At least when he returns home, the fireplace will be burning and the room cozy and warm.

I just started the second skein of Tiger's Eye.
So here is a pic of my WIP.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

First big weekend

This was the first big music weekend for the Christmas season. Today we played two performances of Ahmal and the Night Visitors (fantastic 1 hour opera by Gian Carlo Menotti) after the Messiah rehearsal. Also have the complete ~ yes, all three hours ~ Messiah tomorrow evening. In the afternoon is an opera performance (for dear husband) and I am going to hear some friends (oboe, harp and organ) perform with a choir.

Monday is sounding like a day of rest.... I hope whoever reads this has a lovely week enjoying the Christmas season.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Funky Vintage Hand Warmers

They are done!!

It is hard to get the real sense of the color: they are a warm brown with flecks of green, gold, red, blue and yetllow.

I used an Australian Merino and #4 circulars.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Knew Knob

Here is one of Aunt Ethel's hand warmers. I know it is not feminine looking, but she likes earthy colors and has big hands, so I think she will like it just fine.

Here is the cabinet complete with the knob. Yippee!! Finished at last.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

In Progress

Here is the Tiger Eye Scarf so far.
I am using Dale of Norway Silk, Cotton, Viscose blend on #4 needles.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Stash Start

Here is the start of my stash.
I am still waiting for the knob to arrive but thought I would put (most) of the yarn in the cabinet anyway.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Dishcloth Daze

Looks like purple rules!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Finish Almost Finished

Here is the finish on my stash cabinet. I just need to wait for the finish to harden. I used 2 coats of an oil based stain and then 2 coats of an antique oil finish. I am hoping it will be ready to put back together tomorrow.

I thought about lining the back and/or sides with cedar but realized I would have to cut the shelves to fit so I nixed the cedar liner this week.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Monday Madness

The ever-pooling socks are done. At least the cuffs match well enough. But I think I'll try a solid color next time and go for some texture.

Today is lovely - sunny and breezy. Hopefully we can get some cool to go with it. Sometime before February would be nice.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Scarves to Send

Brigid's Branching out is ready to head up north.
As is Ben's Irish Hiking Scarf.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Yarn Stash

I have been looking for a receptacle for my (currently somewhat minimal) yarn stash. I considered boxes, chests, baskets and plastics. Here is what I found:

It is oak and has three shelves. I plan to stain it a medium dark satin finish similar to the mantle color and change the knob to a square hammered antique copper one, in keeping with the mission style.

I think the yarns showing through the glass will not only be attractive but also afford me an efficient way to keep this ever-growing stash neat and clean.

What fun!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Lovely Day in the Neighborhood

Today was a Cooking Light Lunch day. I got up early and made Irish Mashed Potatoes to take. We had a Honey-Hoison Pork Loin that was out of this world, and the salad and of course dessert were also yummy. Not to mention great conversation with dear friends! Yes, it was indeed a lovely day.

I had the lunch bunch measure their feet (using Queen Kahuna's big sock pic) so I could make them socks. In my spare time. Yeah, right! No promises for Christmas, but I will try make them each a pair before I am too old and my eyes too weak to see those tiny little #1 or #0 Addis!

Almost finished the cuff of my ever-pooling sock last night. I really do hope to finish it tonight.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Pooling around

This sock has been pooling since halfway up the foot! I wonder if the next one will too?

Saturday's wedding went well even though we two oboists were both battling colds. But mine is almost gone (yay) and I taught both yesterday and today. Must finish my sock tonight and CO it's mate - lots of other projects ready to queue up.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Funky Friday

My first pair of good socks
Have a yucky cold today! I remember some student being sick on Tuesday and I guess I picked it up there. So no kids coming this afternoon.

Tomorrow is a big wedding I am playing. Today will be a reed making day with practice.

I did knit a few rows on my DH's scarf. He will be happy since I have been neglecting the scarf so I could knit my socks. I am anxiously awaiting my new Addi Turbo circs #0 and some fine yarn to start the next new socks.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Brand new blog

And a brand new day!

It has been hot, bot, and way too hot here! Relief looks to be coming tomorrow - and not a moment too soon. All the students are crabby and want cool weather as do I.

I have been watching Wilma with great concern and dismay. Our favorite vacation place is the Yucatan; the people there are amazing and we are so worried they will suffer another major hit. My prayers and thoughts are with them.