Sunday, January 28, 2007

Socks and Yarn Meters

Thanks for all the sweet comments. My cousin loved his hat and wore it running the very next day. Mom has been showing her friends the socks - I think she is really tickled by them!

One of Mom's friends asked for pair of socks. I had this Lion Brand Magic Stripes in my stash and found I was not too fond of the yarn or the colors. So these are going to NY for another octagenarian lady:

Magic Stripes Ocean, #1 DPNs, knit in a Garter Rib from Sensational Knitted Socks, the heel is from Sally Melville Purl Book. I didn't model because these are too big for me.

There was a thread on KR about the speed at which we knit. I feel I am a slower knitter, a process knitter. But I CO the first sock last Thursday pm and finished tonight. So that makes 10 days for whatever that is worth!

My DH bought me a line counter (aka yarn meter) from a big fishing store for Christmas. I turned it into this:

Knit Picks sells one all set up for $49.99. Mine cost $12.99 (for the meter) and $.99 for the little wooden base. The rest of the wood came from our garage.

Here is a side view:

I used a 7/16" wooden dowel and two 3" pieces of 1X1 inch wood. I drilled holes in the 1X1s as well as the bottom of the 5" x 7" base (from Michaels) and screwed them on. I hollowed out the top of the 1X1s with my Dremel and glued the dowel on. The meter itself clamps right on and can be tightened down so it won't move. This is the exact same meter that is sold for the big $$. And yes, I shamelessly copied the KP version. No guilt here :-)

One last item: I go for my first spinning lesson Tuesday!!!
I will let you know ....

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Mom, Hat 'n' Socks

Although Mom was here, I put in a busy knitting week. Didn't get too much practicing or reedmaking done, but we did cook, bake, eat, play Scrabble (she whomped me!) and knit.

The first pic is of that Ribbed Cashmere Hat on Shrodinger's blog. My cousin is a runner and wears hats - I hope it fits. My DH thought is was fine for him.

I used Sirdar DK (acrylic, wool, nylon blend) and #6 needles.

And then I finished the ever-so-bright socks from the gift Collinette yarn:

They were a great fit - for both Mom and me. But Mom liked them so much, I gave them to her. Picture a 5', 86 year old white haired lady in black velvet pull-on pants, black loafers and these socks! She looked pretty darn cute!

I was surprised how fast these knit up after all the socks I knit with fairly involved patterns, these were QUICK! I knit 12 rows of 2x2 ribbing, stockinette leg, ribbed heel, stockinette foot and a star toe on #1 dpns.

Our lives have returned to our normal craziness, so I will come see you more often. I missed you all :-)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Socks and Students


Happy days are upon us ~ here are the finished Pomatomus

They were a fun knit - Lorna's Lace Shepherd in Sherbert with #1 DPNs and a good fit! I was given some Collinette jitterbug (see last post) and will begin some easy socks now. Less concentration is sometimes a good thing.


Once again they made me look good. The 2 who placed first in their respective regions went on the the area competition Saturday and placed first and second. In Texas, that means they will go to the All State convention next month. The All State organization picks only 16 oboists from the entire state. And two are my students!

The third, who was first on English horn in his region will know tomorrow if he goes - they take only 4 from this huge state.

I am lucky to have such great kids to work with. All the kiddos did really well, regardless of how far they got in these auditions. It is a real priviledge to know and work with these young men and women.


Last week I flew to NY to get Mom here for a 2 week visit. All went well until our layover in Chicago O'Hare Airport. I had the poor judgement to eat. By the time we got home, my tummy was unhappy. Let's just say I have never been so violently ill as I was later that night and into the next day. It took from Friday until today for me to recover from the results of the food poisoning I endured after eating the SALAD (it wasn't even junk food) at OHare.

And the really good part - Mom is here.