Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Another One Done

Another one off the needles. I have been on a quest to get all these WIPs done before beginning my gorgeous Drops Design sweater. The only one left now is Dainty Bess, and she will be in the wings until I can get with Mary.

I just love the texture of this scarf - leaves of any sort seem to draw me in. I wonder why? I used another one of Caron Simply Soft "Brights" in Lemon Yellow (yarn from my Mom - I don't know if I would have picked this myself) using #5 needles.

I realize that I wanted to tie up loose ends before beginning a larger project. I have never knit anything but small items and this sweater scares me a bit. I hope I can get up the nerve to sit down and swatch for a gauge in the next couple of days. Actually I think it is more a matter of finding time.

Work is insane - 2 services tomorrow, one each Thursday and Friday, three on Saturday and two on Sunday. It is either feast or famine in this music business. Since Easter is rapidly approaching, all the big (and small) churches are hiring musicians (us!) for their special music services. It is good but hectic. And the students are still expecting their lessons and reeds. Not this Saturday or Sunday though, thank you.

I will barely make it in time to symphony rehearsal Saturday. It is an hour drive from the first rehearsal to the location of the next. I already cleared it with the personnel manager, so if I am a few minutes late, the Maestro will not have a fit. Or maybe he will. Guess we'll just wait and see.
Here is the sweater: Drops design #27-1 shown in Garn Studio yarn. To me this is stylish and modern yet not trendy. I think of this as classic styling.


Sharon said...

The scarf is lovely, I would never pick yellow but I have no idea why because after seeing it, why not, I love it.

Larjmarj said...

The scarf is awesome, I too am sucked in by anything with a leaf motif. It's evident in my home decor, jewelry, and now knitting! I think the yellow color is nice. :-) Marj

lobstah said...

You are a finishing machine! I also hate having a bunch of UFO's hanging around, so I'm totally with ya!

The scarf came out absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to see the sweater progress--I'll be cheering you on!

schrodinger said...

The scarf looks lovely, congrats on sticking to your plan of finishing those pesky UFOs AND starting with a sweater. I've been putting off doing one myself, but you're inspiring me...

Amber said...

Beautiful scarf! And, the sweater is gorgeous! I may have to make that one someday!