Saturday, February 24, 2007

To rib or not to rib?

That is the question.
Here is a cuff - should I continue the rib on the instep or just knit stockinette?
I'm not following any pattern, so the choices are open.
Then these arrived today (yippee!!)

and I am ready to begin Embossed Leaves (again).

What do you think - Blue

or Burgundy?

And really, thanks for letting me rant yesterday.

I needed to vent.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Oboe, Music Store Rant!

There is no knitting content here, just a rant.

School district buys (very nice and expensive) oboe from big music conglomerate in Texas. Same big music conglomerate has been claiming big box stores are hurting their business by selling cheap instruments (not oboes, thankfully). Big box sues music store and wins, so music store is now bankrupt and out of business.

In the meantime, lovely oboe cracks. Music teacher (me!) tells band director it needs to be repaired. Band director calls music rep still servicing the schools and is told that since the music store bought the oboe from the manufacturer, the warranty applied to the music store and not the final purchaser of the oboe. (Think cars here, people). Hello!! Are you nuts???

So I call the manufacturer and am told of course the oboe is covered under warranty and they will happily repair it for free. I guess the band director is happy, although when I gave him all the necessary information he didn't even say thank you. (That is another rant for another time.)

Now - the music store claims the big boxes were hurting their bottom line but you know what it really was? Their lack of professional and knowledgeable employees. Their hiring of idiot employees who freely dispense misinformation! I get so crazed with the ridiculous state of customer service that seems rampant in so many businesses here. Is it just in the US or is it everywhere??

Okay, I'm done now. Thanks for listening.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Spinning around

Tuesday was my last of the three beginning spinning classes with Leef. (boo hoo hoo - she is so wonderful) My assignment had been to bring 2 spindles of yarn - one white, one brown so we could ply. Here is the result of my effort:

It came out thick and thin - very organic! I have more to spin and more to ply - so maybe I will knit a chunky hat from this. Beth - it is corriedale. I have totally enjoyed this new endeavor and now I must make time to continue improving my skills and to take the intermediate classes. I also thank you for your encouraging comments. You are really spurring me on.

Monkey socks were so much fun and elicited so many responses - they took me 2 weeks to knit (I am not a fast knitter). I really enjoyed the pattern and if you are thinking about knitting them - go for it! They were a very satisfying project.

Here are the most recent socks:

They are a basic 2X2 rib which will continue all the way down the foot using Fortissima Cotton Colori (which I think has been discontinued!) and #1 DPNs. I realize I like simple after complex. It keeps me from getting bored to change back and forth.

The next will be another pair of Embossed Leaves - they are so beautiful and such a nice pattern, but I am awaiting the arrival of some Pony Pearls #0 DPNs. I plan to use Knitpicks Essentials or Gloss and both seem like they want #0s.

Hope your day is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Love Monkey

Loved knitting Monkey!

I did use the star toe from Embossed Leaves 'cos it is the right shape for my toes.

Yarn: Lorna's Lace Shepherd

Color: Sand Ridge

Needles: #1 DPNs

Pattern: Monkey from Knitty

Thanks, Beth and Sharon for your nice comments. I am really enjoying the spinning so far.

Sorry Beth, I do not know what that fiber is - I will ask on Tuesday.

Friday, February 16, 2007

1st handspun

I finally had some time and so here is the first handspun:

Tonight and tomorrow I will fill a spindle of white for my Tuesday lesson that will be plying.

Then I guess I am off to the races!


Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Family

Of oboes, that is.
On the left is the oboe.
Next is the oboe d'amore. It sounds a third lower than the oboe and is used mainly in older music like Bach and Telemann, although it was used in Ravel's "Bolero" (the theme from the Bo Derek movie "10").
On the right is the English horn or if you prefer, the cor Anglais. This is even lower in sound than the oboe and the d'amore and used frequently.
I regularly play the oboe and English horn, althought this weekend is a Bach Cantata in which I will be playing the d'amore.

Just thought you might like a peek....

Monday, February 12, 2007

Sock Tease

I have been Monkey-ing around with these all week:

They are Monkey by Cookie A. from Knitty in Lorna's Lace Shepherd in Sand Ridge using #1 DPNs. I really like this pattern - not at all hard and really pretty!

I hope to be done with them in the next few days. Life has been very busy - played with Ft. Worth Symphony and Willie Nelson on Saturday. Also had two lovely church services on Sunday.

My three students have been gearing up for All-State and the rest of the crew are playing solos in chamber music contests over the next few weekends.

I will have some spinning pics soon - lessons have been great, but I have not had time this week to "practice." Work has really been getting in the way of my play time!!! More details to follow.....

Friday, February 02, 2007

Music Weekend

I just love do it yourself projects! Thanks for you thoughts on the yarn meter. I think it turned out just fine and it was easy! So go for it and make you own. Think of all the nice sock yarn you can get with the savings! Next on my DIY list are sock blockers from here.
We have the pleasure of performing with Mark O'Connor this weekend. He is an amazing fiddler who has composed and performs his own classically oriented works. I played with him last year and was totally impressed with his musicianship and lively personality. It should be a fun weekend at Symphony.

On Christmas Eve morning, we performed in LeeAnn's church - so here are Ceci, LeeAnne and Jim doing our thing.

I have begun Monkey but don't have any pics yet. They are a quick and easy knit.... I will take pictures after the concert tomorrow.

Yes Patrice, it was Bass Pro Shops. The brand is Shakespeare and I think the cost was $12.99. It was the less expensive one. You can find it on line here.

Have a great weekend.