Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Mom's Mr. Greenjeans

It is finished! Here is Mr. Greenjeans in Caron Simply Soft Shadows, and color is Autumn. I used #6 for the body and bottom design and #5 for the sleeve pattern. I also used three buttons instead of one for a more flattering look.
Here is Mom modeling:

And the back:

We are pretty happy with it.


What do you think?

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas to All

Merry Christmas, dear knitting friends. Our work is finished and we have settled down for a relaxing Christmas filled with love and joy. From our family to yours - Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Clogging Along

It is a cold and early Sunday morning. Have you ever found that when you have a lot of things to do, you wake up very early? It is only 26 degrees this morning so I lit a cozy fire.

We are still in the midst of a very busy weekend: I played 3 different services yesterday and have 2 more today. My husband played 2 yesterday and has 3 today. Tomorrow is better - just an afternoon rehearsal for Christmas Eve services. Then I fly up to NY on Tuesday and back on Wednesday with Mom. The last bit of holiday music begins again on Thursday with the ubiquitous Nutcrackers.

I felted Mom's clogs on Tuesday:

They are actually still damp at the toes. I think they turned out well - and this was an intentional felting! (poor little socks - I did shed a brief tear......)

And I am taking another run at Mr. Greenjeans for Mom. Since she is a wash and wear gal, I am knitting this in Caron Simply Soft Shadows. It is really a nice yarn - soft, pretty and not at all splitty.

I am impressed with this acrylic and may have to find a nice blue to knit My So Called Scarf (I have been eyeing that pattern for over a year now.)

I hope your weekend has been good, your Christmas shopping done and you are enjoying a knitting day.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Need to and Wish They Had Not

Hi all - knitting content as promised..... The back to my Bamboozle Tunic is complete, the front is about 4". Jim's sweater is languishing but his socks are nearing the heel flap.

Here are almost finished Fiber Trend Clogs for Mom. I still need to felt them.

And here are some Embossed Leaves socks I knit out of KnitPicks Gloss last year - I wish they had not been accidentally felted. They found their way into the washer and dryer. Oh well, it is a good thing I know how to knit more.

The Nutcrackers were fun and last week's symphony and church stuff went well. This weekend is all church playing.....

Have you done any Christmas shopping yet? I have done not a lick, nor have I thought about cards. Maybe I can get some and take with me next weekend to write while I am not holding the oboe up to my face.

In my spare time (yeah, right - at 9:00pm one evening) I managed to get a new publicity photo. The university has been requesting one so I figured I better get it done.

Enjoy your weekend -