Sunday, July 22, 2007

Random Sunday Stuff

The final performance was last night. It was a fun run, but I am happy to be done. Gilbert and Sullivan music is somewhat simple and seems to roll around in my head almost constantly after playing it for two weeks. I am ready for a little R & R.

Did I mention we are going to Mexico tomorrow? For a week? To meet Jim's sister and family and lay around on the beach, belly up to the pool bar and basically decompress?
I didn't? Oh, bad, bad me!

We plan spending many hours gazing at this.

And Twig - thank you ever so much for nominating me for

What a sweet surprise. Now it is up to me to nominate five more buddies. Hmmm - This was difficult, since there are so many wonderful Rockin' Girls!

But here we go:
Sharon at Unraveled Again
LarjMarj at Knizzle fo Shizzle
Mer at Mer Knits

There are really a few more people I would like to nominate, but I am only allowed five. So some of you are in my heart, but not on the list..... Please forgive.

Finally - some knitting content!

Even though we were in production, I did knit a few little (and I mean little) goodies:

How about a pair of tiny (3") baby mittens? Yes, I warned you they were little :>)

I am still trying to decide what to take for beach knitting.... in the meantime, here are my beach ready toes:

~~~~~ See you next week ~~~~~~

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pirates and Kimonos

Hi Bloggie Knitting Buddies!

Pirates has been going well. We got reviewed last night and although he wasn't completely kind to the singers and conductor, he wrote "Dr. (conductor's name) got mostly taut and carefully scaled playing from a compact ensemble of four winds and five strings." To me that says we did just fine, playing together and well balanced. Nothing wrong with that!

As for stage fright (or pit fright) Twig and Larjmarj - I do have random times of performance anxiety. However, in this show there is a lot to concentrate on so I haven't felt nervous. I guess after 40 years of playing the oboe my nerves are usually under control. Only now and then do I feel scared. I appreciate your interest and concern.

Shrodinger - thanks for the well wishes. One of the divas, oops, I mean singers said "toi toi." I know it meant good luck, but I had never heard that one before. Any idea what language??

Here are the bibs and kimonos from Mason Dixon patterns I just finished. They were knit with Sugar and Cream cotton on #5 needles. I know Twig's new (in the fall) grandbabies will feel loved in them. :-)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Quick View

Here is my view at work before the house doors open:

We are in producton of Pirates of Penzance with the

Living Opera.

The first show went pretty well and we are hoping the remaining ones do too.

See you soon -

Friday, July 06, 2007

UFO and FOs

As promised, here is the finished Soleil.

Pattern: Soleil from Knitty
Yarn: KnitPicks Shine in Sky
Needles: #5 circs
Began: June 11
Finished: July 5
Modification: I altered the neckline to the scoop from the designer's Ballet Camisole pattern.

I am pretty happy with this one!

Here is some baby knitting I am doing for a friend's twin grandbabies. The bib from Mason Dixon knitting:

And I found these adorable buttons:

And since I bought a humongous ball of this color Sugar n Cream cotton, I started on the a pair of the Baby Kimono:

We begin rehearsing the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta "Pirates of Penzance" tonight and over the weekend. Then two more rehearsals next week and the first of five performances begins on Thursday.

So until next time - happy knitting!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Blogger and Knitting

Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad

After some research and much consideration, I decided to stay here at Blogger. It seems all the free services have issues one way or another. It is somewhat comforting to know you all have the same issues with emails, spacing, etc. as I do. I also save (on my second address) the addresses of people who respond by email and reply that way.

I did look at the HaloScan forums and found that link you sent, Twig. Thanks for thinking of me and sending it. I tried pasting the html and it made things *very* wonky. Maybe because I really did not know where to paste it. So I did away with it. Blogger it is - at least for now.

Knitting Preview

Here is the almost finished Soleil. I decided to knit the neckline in a scoop instead of the V after reading comments on the Knitty Coffee Shop. Most everyone said the V was quite deep. I took Ballet Camisole (by the same designer) and will use that neck. I hope to finish tomorrow or Wednesday.

Wednesday is July 4th. While you are picnicking and listening to the orchestra while watching the fireworks, think of me as I will be working a symphony performance for the holiday.

Have a patriotic 4th of July!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Blogger Rant

Knitting content soon - but in the meantime:
I love that you all comment, and when I comment on your blogs, you send me a personal email. I would love to be able to do that in an efficient manner as well. With Blogger, there seems to be no way to do that!

So I downloaded Haloscan (many of you use this) and lost ALL the previous comments. The only way (according to the help forums on Haloscan) to get the old comments back is to cut an paste them all in. I have no idea how to do that, and if I did know how, it would take a long time to transfer 3 years of comments. Haloscan is not an option.
So - as much as I would love to be able to just email you back, I cannot unless you have your email available somewhere on your blog or profile.

I think this is a big short coming in Blogger. And if there are programs that will do this, they should be compatible with one another. Why even Mac and Windows talk to each other (now.)

Also - the spacing between paragraphs is always weird when I try to edit and publish posts. I am at a loss here. Maybe it is time to change blog hosts....