Monday, March 13, 2006

Today Is My Birthday

And my husband gave me just what I asked for - a cargo net for my car!!
Woo Hoo - no more groceries rolling around in the back.
It is also my brother's 18th wedding anniversary.
Congratulations, Ed and Linda!

I am back to working on my sock while Mom's shawl is resting.
I just started the gusset decreases, so I hope to be done by tomorrow night or maybe Wednesday (gotta work tonight, tomorrow morning and tomorrow night and Wednesday morning too - during prime knitting time).
I am planning to wear them Thursday when the temp is a bit cooler, so I better finish soon!!


schrodinger said...

Happy Birthday to you!! Glad you got what you wanted, hope that the rest of the day is great for you.

alliesw said...

Happy knittin' birthday!Love all your projects!

lobstah said...

Happy birthday! (Sorry a day late) Your stitch markers are adorable!

Amber said...

Happy birthday!! I just started the gusset decreases on my sock too -- so fun! Hope you have yours finished by Thurs.

rho said...

Happy BDay late - I know that the chance of this is nil - but I still have to ask - your brother and SIL Ed and Linda don't live in Phoenix area do they??