Friday, March 10, 2006

Must Finish

Oh my, I must finish that sock!
And Leisel.
And Mom's shawl.
Then I will let myself start the beeeeeeeeee-you-tiful sweater!
I know my personality: if I don't get these other projects off the needles, they will reside there for a very long time and we don't want that to happen.

Here is the shawl progress that I made last night. I had a lot more done earlier yesterday, but decided I needed a smaller needle so I started over. The pattern calls for #10.5 - these are #9 with Caron Simply Soft Brights. Here is the pattern link:

This weekend is not so busy, but we hit the ground running Monday. The upcoming week consists of 1 rehearsal for 3 children's concerts, 2 rehearsals for 2 Opera performances, 1 church rehearsal and 1 concert. Then we are on Monday again.

I am going to get these items done this weekend, since next week will be a busy one. Darn that work - It gets in the way of my knitting!!!

Oh yes- my friend loved her facecloths. She even knew what they were!


lobstah said...

Good for you for sticking with your WIP's! Seems like there is a lack of knitterly attention span out there in the blog world lately, he he. I miss seeing FO's! ;)

Heather said...

OOOO pretty!!! I'm making a baptismal gown with that same technique for the top. Lana from KH is doing everything for me EXCEPT the kniting!!! :) AND I made that same pattern cloth a million years ago trying out short rows..YOUR's however is much much prettier than mine!!!

Cindy said...

Thank you for the compliment on my blog! I love the softness of alpaca (especially baby alpaca)!

The terracotta soldiers and the Great Wall WERE amazing - I highly recommend visiting those places if you like to travel. I haven't been to Rome yet, but it's on my list!