Sunday, March 05, 2006

A Little Bit Fried Tonight

We had a big concert last night: Mozart Symphony 35 (Haffner - written for the Haffner family wedding), Pokofiev Piano Concerto (I think maybe No.2?) , Dvorak Cello concerto and Resphigi Pines of Rome. The soloists were high school students who won the opportunity to play with a professional orchestra. The pianist was local, but the cellist was from Louisville. They were wonderful players that have a very bright future! The cellist was just accepted by the Curtis Institute (very prestigious conservatory).

Playing concertos is always a bit nerve wracking. Since you really never know what the soloist will do, you must be on your tippy toes at all times. And since the soloists were kids, you really don't know if they will perform the same way as in rehearsals. Our conductor is also fantastic accompanist, so all went well. The kids sounded great and the orchestra and audience applauded them mightily.

The Pines of Rome has huge solos for the winds - clarinet, trumpet, French horn (they played beautifully) and me on English horn (it's sort of a big oboe in a lower key.) This piece is an unusually a nervous one for me - unusual since I am not a nervous performer. But it went well; I was pretty happy with my performance, so today was the tiredness I felt from the release of all that adrenalin of Saturday.

I did manage to knit a few repeats on Liesel. She will be done very soon. I am at the gusset on the second sock and have been studying the Drops pattern. My knitting teacher is having a knit and stitch along at her home tomorrow, so I think I will go.
I will take Dainty Bess (remember her?) and see what Mary thinks. Since I left off a purl row near the beginning, the first repeat is one way and the rest are the other. I may just wind up starting over. We'll see.


Meredith said...

Ooh, I love the Pines of Rome! I remember playing that in high school (I'm a violist).

Isn't Liesel pretty? I really liked the way mine turned out.