Saturday, March 18, 2006

At Last!

My socks are ready for my feet!

For some reason, I cannot upload the picture of the pair on my feet. I'll try again in the next post. For the pattern, yarn and needle size information, please see the post on Feb. 26.

On to finish Leisel and Mom's shawl.

I just ordered some Addi Turbos in the (US) #5 and #6.

When they arrive I will be ready to swatch for the sweater (see Feb. 28 and March 2 posts).


Nora Mackebee said...

Saw your nice comments on Socknitters Forum and thought I would check out your blog. I'm delighted to find another knitter into REAL music, although I am just a listener, not a performer. Do you live/play in Cincinnati? Long ago I went to school in Oxford, OH.
Like your St. Paddy's day socks, too.
Nora, aka crazy4sox

Knittinreed said...

Thanks, Nora. I am in Texas, near Dallas. We need listeners so we can continue our art of performing and perpetuating live classical music.

Good luck with your socks! They are favorites of mine to knit.

Sharon said...

Lovely socks, Blogger photo thingy is having dramas at the moment for some reason.

Oh by the way, happy belated birthday, I don't know how come I missed that post :( Isn't it great when our DH get exactly what we would like for our birthdays, I hope you had a lovely day.

lobstah said...

Very nice job! :)

Agnes said...

Lovely socks! It's about time to start knitting summer cotton socks so that when the warm weather comes, they can be used immediately.

Amber said...

Great job on the socks!!