Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Thank you Blogger! I am soooooo happy you are back!!

Here are my spring socks on happy feet.
They felt great yesterday -
I hope they wash as well as they felt.

And here are the newest ones from a pattern is called Yukon Leaves. I am using Elann Esprit (French Blue even tho it looks a bit green) and #1 needles. This one goes very fast - I am on the fourth pattern repeat already!

This Grumpy Monkey is happy again. (And the phone is working too!!) All is well in electronic, digital technology telephone and computer world ~ for now. The stars are back in alignment.


Larjmarj said...

Socks look great! What is the pattern on the top pair?
Also where did you get the yukon leaves pattern. Like I need more projects. Oy....Marj

LesleyKnits said...

I love them! What great colors for spring :)

Knittinreed said...

Marj- the top pair comes from

It is the 2003-2004 design collection from Sole Solution.
This pair is "Hatsuyo's Lacy Sock"