Sunday, September 03, 2006

Any ideas?

I received this ball of blue something from a dear friend of my Mom's. It feels like mohair, but could very likely be acrylic. There was no label on the ball, is I have no idea of the yardage. Does anyone have any ideas for yardage?

Lorna's Lace - 50 g/215 yds on left, mystery yarn, 50g on right.

Svale, 50g/114 yds and again the 50g mystery yarn.

I would like to use this for Branching Out but am hesitant since I don't know how much yardage is there. All opinions are welcome.

Town and Country with the Alchemy Yarns Bamboo got a new start on #3 since the fabric seemed too loose on #4s. It feels right this time. So here she is:

And then I saw these fabulous socks by Cat Bordhi in the Fall 06 Vogue Knitting and knew I had to knit them:

How yummy are these???

There were a number of number of other appealing sock patterns as well.


schrodinger said...

My best suggestion with the yardage would be to use some accurate scales (digital, post-office accurate) to weigh out 10 yards, divide the amount by 10, so you now know how much one yard weighs. Then you divide the weight you have by the weight of one yard and that should give you the yardage. HTH

Those socks are pretty irresistable.

Knittinreed said...

Shrodinger- Great idea! I do have a digital kitchen scale. Yes, that definitely helps. Thanks so very much.
Those socks made me buy the VK magazine...

Meredith said...

I'm not sure about the yardage, but it would look pretty as a branching out!

fig said...

They are some lovely socks--love the instep detail. There are errors, though, thanks to VK. Go to Cat's site on this page for corrections:

And thanks for the lovely comment on my blog about my Woodsy!

Teyani said...

I have been drooling over those socks too !
that yarn looks like a mohair in your photos - maybe a scarf would be safe, just knit until you run out :-)

Larjmarj said...

Gorgeous socks! I might have to pick up the fall VK! Wow, great way to work out yardage, such clever knitters.

alliesw said...

Those are beautiful socks--and thanks for the corrections link too. I like Cat Bordhi and her patterns and have them on my list!

sara_jayne said...

I love Schrodinger's idea! I think Branching out would be beautiful in that color! Town and Country is looking good - I'm glad the US 3s are working out for you. Those socks are stunning - I really need to open the new issue of Vouge Knitting!

Jen said...

I just finished my pair of those socks last week and LOVE them. I did adapt the cuff slightly, grafting them instead of binding off and sewing, and am really happy with the results. Photos and more info can be found here if you like:

Have you decided what yarn you'll use for them?

Jen said...

hmmm, that didn't come through so well. It's at , and check out the category "socks."