Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Blue yarn blues

Dear friends, woe is me!

Shrodinger, I took your advice and measured out 10 yds, weighed it and came up with the yardage of 110 yards for the blue ball. It is too little for Branching Out - even tho it would have looked lovely. So, Mer, I guess I'll have to find something more suitable for Branching Out.

I started on that little Airy Scarf from LMKG and could see how desperately it would need blocking to look like anything. I decided to knit a swatch and see how it blocked. While blocking, I thought I would see if the blue ball was a natural fiber or acrylic. I got out a match and held it under the end of a piece of yarn. It just really stunk and shrunk up into a little hard brown/black ball of gunk = acrylic. So as pretty as this little blue ball of yarn looks, I will be giving it away. Hmmm, I think I may be beginning to turn into a yarn snob - okay, maybe I just don't like scratchy sticky yarn no matter what the fiber.

I still love those Cat Bordhi "Flow Motion" socks and now that Fig gave us the link for the corrections (thanks ever so much, Fig) they are on my list. I blew up the pattern on the copy machine so I can follow the darn thing! The way VK printed it is awful to read. I can see why some people don't buy the magazine. Now to find the perfect yarn and we can all get started on it :-) Teyani, LarjMarj, Alliews and Sara Jayne.

I bought this pretty pattern in Yarn and Stitches today:

I really like the diagonal lines to the leaf pattern and might even have something in my stash calling out to this little scarf. I like simple lace; easy but holds my interest and looks pretty and feminine when completed.

Have a delightful Thursday ~ the weekend is almost here. This will be my last weekend off for a while since the major performance season is beginning. Church job next week and then symphony - Don Juan by Strauss!!! Woohoo ~ playing that will some ride!


Amber said...

Sorry about the blue yarn. I hope you can find a new home for it. ;-)

Pretty scarf pattern!

Larjmarj said...

Perhaps it will make a nice edgeing for something?
Nice pattern for the scarf. I really like fiber trends patterns they give you lots of detail.

Meredith said...

Too bad about the blue yarn. I love that scarf though--very pretty!

Sharon said...

I love the way that even though you unravel you always wind the yarn up into a nice neat little ball so that you would never know ;)

lobstah said...

Bwa ha ha...yarn snobs unite!

schrodinger said...

Sorry it isn't enough - nice alternate pattern though.

sara_jayne said...

To bad about the blue yarn - I hope it can go to a good home. I am in love with that Fiber Trends scarf pattern - I love leaves AND knitting lace so I'll have to add that pattern to my never ending list!