Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Happy Feet and Copies Too

Oh, my what happy feet live here!

I just couldn't resist taking another photo since I can't believe how well they fit and how good they feel. I think this is the most fun project I have done so far. Yes, maybe even more fun than the first pair of socks - it was certainly easier!!

Sharon - the sole is the double knit (inner and outer) joined with the bumper. I am looking around for something to paint on the bottom for more non-skid. Although I have read many suggestions, as soon as I find something I like, I will let you know.

To everyone who is thinking about knitting these - GO FOR IT!!! They were easy, quick and "oh so fun."

Last Thursday was one of those "cable guy" days. Our copier machine tech was supposed to arrive between 10 and 12. At 1:45 he actaully got here. Then we got the bad news: he could no longer get parts for our 15 year old Canon. So here we are, (please excuse our messy computer desk!) many $$$$ later with a digital laser copier. Yes, it is that big honkin' apparition all the way over on the right.

Hmmmm - maybe we need a smaller computer desk to make room for Big Bertha (AKA Canon Imagerunner 2200). IKEA - here I come.

My husband is a music publisher, so we have always needed commercial office machines. This one has more bells and whistles than we know what to do with. Best of all, it is really great for enlarging those hard to read knitting patterns!

Off to my studio to make a few reeds, warm up a bit and teach some lessons.

Happy Hump Day~


Sharon said...

Oh my they do look good, the colour combination is perfect. Thanks for the info. I am going to hunt down some yarn and give them a go, when I finish CPH that is.

Meredith said...

They look like they fit you perfectly! Very nice job.

schrodinger said...

Yay! They look great! Hope you get to figure out the copier - sounds fancy

Sharon G. said...

Those clogs do look mighty cozy...I'd be taking tons of pics, too. ;)

Your copier looks like it would make my nerdy DH drool. hehe.

Amber said...

Wow, that looks like a fancy-schmancy copy machine!

The clogs look like they fit perfectly!

sara_jayne said...

Those clogs look comfy! They've been on my list for so long (too long!).

That is some copier! It is hard to shell out that much money, but I'm sure you and DH will put it to great use! My computer desk looks a lot like yours - my work files are everywhere, but I don't mind because I love working from home!

twig said...

Great job. I love that pattern. I just finished my third pair last week. I swear it's like magic.

Larjmarj said...

Just got the pattern the other day. I have heard that they are a quick knit. oohhhh can't wait!!!! Yours look great! I'll need to do mine in dog hair grey. ;-)

Laurinda Hixson said...

You’re right – commercial-grade copier machines tend to be big and bulky, so the best alternative is to get a smaller desk. Were you able to buy a new copier machine since there were no more parts for the old one? And what did you end up doing with your old copier machine?