Sunday, September 24, 2006

Symphony Sunday

Dear Friends -

Thank you as always for your thoughtful, candid and insightful comments. You have helped me give some serious consideration to spinning and time. I really don't have time to spin right now but still find it a very intriguing idea. I love the process - maybe I will talk to my DH about it and possible find a wheel Santa could deliver :-) After great deliberation, I realized I am too fascinated with this aspect of our craft to leave it and feel like I must pursue it. There are some times in my life I am not be so insanely busy and could make time to learn spinning. And after all, I'll need something to grow old with in retirement, no?

Here is the roving I used for the one clog ~

I love the pre-felted hugeness of these ~

The second will be on the needles today.

This was a symphony weekend; I was out of town shuttling between the hotel and hall rehearsing and performing some very difficult but fun pieces. I had no knitting time, but am ready for some quality time today. Unfortunately on the way home last night, there was a dreadful accident ~ thankfully not involving any of the traveling musicians ~ that had everything on this little country road stopped. The Care Flight helicopter was in the middle of the road and numerous rescue vehicles were lined up. We said a prayer for the people involved....

By the time I dropped off my passenger and got home it was already 1:00am. Not going to sleep until 2:00am (I was majorly hungry and had to eat something!) is just too hard on this old lady. I taught 2 lessons today and am about to retire to the sofa for some R & R.

I hear my knitting needles beckoning.



Meredith said...

Those clogs are beautiful! I'll be interested to see how the roving felts.

sara_jayne said...

Those clogs really are beautiful - I love love love the colors in that roving! Sorry to hear about the late night and I do hope that everyone from the accident was okay. Those late nights are tough some times - I hope you were able to relax and enjoy a nap or some knitting time.

schrodinger said...

Man that roving looks to die for. Must have been a joy to knit with.