Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ahhh, the day of rest

After an insanely busy day yesterday, today is one of rest. (sigh)
Here are some pictures from last night's concert:

Preconcert, not too many musicians there yet.

Dear friend Laura (harpist and fellow foodie).

And me.


Teyani said...

nice photos - and what is that you're unpacking?? I used to play a bass clairnet - is that what it is??

Karen said...

Wow - a couple new posts since I looked!
Yesterday went well for me; I'm so glad it's all over now! I was able to spend the morning very calmly, thanks to your words of encouragement! Now I'm just anxious to see confirmation of what I know. =)

Sharon said...

I admire people who are musical, I have tried to play several instruments over the years and failed miserably, I assume that you have been playing for years.