Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Acrylic is my friend

I read so many people's forum entries who hate acrylic.
Is it fine silk, cashmere, mohair or alpaca? No, of course not.
Is it soft? Yes.
Machine washable? Yes.
Cost effective? Yes.
Am I able to run to the local craft store and get some? Yes.
That said, of course some of it is indeed horrid
as are some expensive wools!
It can be scratchy, squeaky on the needles, stiff, wirey nasty stuff.

But some brands and types are quite lovely - Here is the proof:

The pattern is Fern Lace Wrap from the Little Box of Scarves.

The yarn is Red Heart Luster Sheen (100% acrylic) in a fine gauge (26 sts=4", needle size US 5), the color is Ocean and the needles I am using are Lantern Moon #5.
It feels nice and soft and is easy to work with.

It is very difficult to find nice yarns with no wool content (for those of us unable to wear wool), especially difficult in sock and lace weights. So I will continue on my quest for non-wool yarns for whatever project look interesting.

I won't let a little wool stand in my way!


Sharon G. said...

Wow, that is really pretty - I never would've guessed that it was acrylic. I used to be a yarn snob, but I'm quickly learning the err of my ways...I'll have to look out for this yarn.

schrodinger said...

Well said - while almost all of my acrylic experiences have been bad, that was from when I began knitting and didn't know any different, (I thought the squeaking was my fault). I've also had bad natural fiber experiences. It's really great (and difficult) to find a good man-made yarn, thanks for sharing.

Teyani said...

have you ever checked out the soy silk oasis yarn, or perhaps the bamboo?
Southwest Trading is also coming out with a pure "corn" yarn that's machine wash and dry - it's kinda flat like ribbon, but very soft.

The problemo with most non-wool yarns like the above is that they don't have any "elasticity", and thus not so hot for socks.. bummer.
are you allergic?
Great shawl btw.

LesleyKnits said...

Gorgeous! I think I'll have to give Red Heart another look!

Sharon said...

Yes I have to admit that I am a yarn snob, but not a wool only yarn snob as some wools are scratchy and overpriced. I just like nice yarns, no matter the content but unfortunately here in Australia acrylics are pretty yuk!!

lobstah said...

I agree there are some decent acrylics out there if you look. I'm still a natural fibers gal for the most part, though. Acrylics (even nice ones) seem to hurt my wrist a bit when knitting, I guess due to the non-elasticity.

Larjmarj said...

Hear hear!! glad to see someone sticking up for more affordable not necessarily 100% wool yarns. "Fine" yarn is not always in my budget and for gifts, some people are not "wool friendly" either on account of allergies or laundry dyslexia. Marj