Sunday, October 01, 2006

Thank You to All

Because of all of you,
I have had the inspiration and courage in my almost 3 years of knitting to try new techniques, new patterns and learned so many great hints that my FO's are beginning to look pretty decent.

Thanks to all your great blogs and forum entries, here is what I have knit:

7 pair of socks
2 pair wrist warmers
3 Irish Hiking Scarves
Branching Out Scarf
Tiger Eye Scarf
Lacy V Scarf
Fern Lace Stole
Amsterdam Stole
Liesel Scarf
Mini Shawl
Baby Sweater and matching Hat
2 pair Baby Booties
3 pair Felted Clogs
Over a dozen face cloths
Green Gable Top

On the needles are:
Sweater (Drops Design)
Embossed Leaves Socks
Town and Country Scarf

Thank you dear knitting friends.
I appreciate your wonderful ideas, your sharing your trials to get to your beautiful FOs and most of all communicating through our blogs and forums.


twig said...

What a nice post. I feel the same about all the blogs I read. They give me ideas and courage to try new things.

schrodinger said...

Nice list of FO's - well done!

lobstah said...

You're welcome, and thanks to you too! ;D
And yes, where is that Drops sweater you started???

sara_jayne said...

Great list of finished objects!

Sharon said...

This is what is just so wonderful about knitting blogs, forums etc. You have inspired us too with your lovely knitting, two projects on my 'to do' list were added because of you, the felted clogs and the embossed leaves socks, so thank you :)