Thursday, October 12, 2006

Taking my sleeves to NY

Here are 14" of the sleeves. The directions call for me to knit to 46cm (about 18") and then begin shaping for the sleeve cap, but I think I will begin the shaping a bit sooner. The finished sleeve length minus the crochet edge is 56cm (about 22"). That hits the middle of the back of my hand! Too long for these arms.
I tried to get these finished last night, but work got in the way again. This morning we played on a recital in a private home. There are a number of social music clubs in this area that meet monthly. I belong to two others and our pianist belongs to today's. It is really nice to play chamber music in the settings that Mozart and the rest played in. It reminds me of a gentler time when people performed for each other without the rigors of telephones, email, etc.
We played the Trio for Flute, Oboe and Piano by Madeleine Dring - a British composer whose husband was an oboist. It is a tonal (melodic) piece with nice interaction between all the parts. The other women who played are very competant and lovely individuals as well. It was a pleasant morning.
Tomorrow I will be on a plane for Monticello, NY to see Mom. If it was only a week later, I could make the Rhinebeck Festival since that is fairly nearby. Oh well... We should all be seeing spectacular leaves anyway.
The wheel news is that Customs finished fumigation and whatever else they must do and it should be delivered on Monday! Too bad I don't get home until Wednesday!!!

Have a great week - see you when I return.


twig said...

The music in a home sounds like a much nicer venue than a big hall.

Have a safe trip.

Larjmarj said...

I agree with twig...sounds really lovely. I am sure that the "feeling" is very different to both the player and listener.

sara_jayne said...

The sleeves look great! I'm glad you enjoyed playing in such an intimate venue - I'd love to hear you play sometime if you want to post a song for us! :) Have a safe trip & enjoy the visit with your mom.