Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sleeves, Symphony and Severance Hall


Here is the progress on the sleeves - they are now past my elbows!! Sorry this picture is not so good. The grey yarn shows better on darker carpet - unfortunately the only dark carpet is in my studio and I cannot take a picture until I vacuum!


The concert last night went well. We got a good review in today's paper and I was comfortable with my own playing (that doesn't happen all that often). It has been a very taxing week, playing both Beethoven Symphonies Thurs, Fri and twice on Saturday! And why not compare Beethoven to heavy metal, Marj? There are certainly some places that could merit such comparison...

Severence Hall

Mr. Mack's former students have been invited to perform in a comissioned piece "Sinfonia" for choirs of oboe and English horns dedicated to JM and premiering at the John Mack Memorial Concert at Severence Hall in Cleveland on Nov. 4. My husband and I are going and I will be performing in the work.

The solo part of the concert will certainly be a who's who of oboists! It will be quite a gathering of all of us nerdy, neurotic, obsessive, and intense musicians! (Isn't that right Mer - you talk to the oboists in your orchestra, no? - we oboists are a bit of an enigma - even to ourseleves.) And my dear husband (a celllist who puts up with me while I am PMS-ing on bad reed days!) will have to endure us en-masse.

I did get to JoAnns today to use my 40% coupon and picked up this:

It looks to have good instructions for assembling sweaters (among other good help) - something I know nothing about. Thanks everyone for your great ideas on the 2 sleeve at a time method. And yes, I will also do that for the front of the cardigan.

My New Wheel

Oh so sad - it is in some crate somewhere awaiting Customs to clear it! The Woolery estimates delivery to be around 18 October! That actually works pretty well since I have to perform a difficult piece on a recital this week (need to be practicing, not playing with a new wheel) and then will be at Mom's for 5 days. It should be here when I return - maybe.

Have a great week......


schrodinger said...

Looks like things are coming along nicely with the sweater. Congrats on the concert.

Good luck with the practice, what a reward you will have with a new wheel afterwards.

Meredith said...

Hope your wheel comes soon! I'm always amazed that oboists basically have to make part of their instruments--crazy!

sara_jayne said...

The sweater looks great! I hope the concert in Cleveland goes well. I'm sad that it isn't 2 weeks later - I'll be back in Cleveland for a week and I would have come to see/hear the concert. I hope that wheel comes soon!