Thursday, August 24, 2006

Wow - What a Week

After an uneventful flight to Newark, a safe drive to Monticello for a lovely few days with Mom, we drove up to Williamstown, Ma for Brigid and Ben's wedding.

Do you remember (Nov. 05 archives) the Branching Out and Irish Hiking Scarves? Those were for our newly married Ben and Brigid.

Ben's piano teacher Ed and I (Brigid's oboe teacher) performed in the ceremony and here we are after all was done:

And here are the new bride and groom enjoying in their first dance.

(Sorry, I couldn't get rid of the reflection from a picture glass.)

Brigid gave me this beeeee-youtiful bamboo yarn:

And this too:

Another dilemma - what to make!!!

Thank you to everyone, Mienna, Trek, Frudart (if I missed someone, please forgive) for your suggestions for my lone skein of Lorna's. I did however, allow myself to be enabled by Teyani's suggestion to get one more skein and make some socks. So here we are:

Thank you again, Sharon, LarjMarj, Sara Jayne, Shelley and Amber for your visiting and as always sweet comments. Yes, Sara Jayne, Mr. Mack was an exceptional man - ask your colleague to regale you with some stories - I am sure he has lots!!


Sharon said...

Oh how wonderful to perform at their wedding, I am sure that it was a special moment for you all.

sara_jayne said...

Looks like a lovely wedding and a great trip - afterall you got yarn! I'm in love with the Lorna's Laces - what beautiful colors!