Friday, August 04, 2006

Home Sweet Home Part 2

Okay, now we have food in the house again.

After spending two days in Indiana, we drove another 1000 miles west to Keystone, SD where Mt. Rushmore is located. The drive had some beautiful moments, but a lot of it was the same terrain for miles. It is amazing how vast the plains are! We did drive throught the Badlands:

There are more dramatic shots to post, but they are from the print camera and not yet developed. I just thought I would whet your whistle with these :-)

We continued to drive and drive until we reached Keystone. Unbeknownst to us, there is a huge yearly motorcycle rally held in Sturgis (50 miles away) that draws the big Harley bikers (the lawyers and doctors with the $$$$$ Harleys). Some of the bikers had that Hulk Hogan look as well. A goodly number were visiting Keystone and Mt. Rushmore ~ it was a loud few days with a lot of folks wearing black leather!

We went to Mt. Rushmore the next morning and here is the first view:

You can see how overcast it was; the weather was chilly 68 degrees F - 2 days before, it was 104 degrees F. We were woefully underdressed, assuming it would be in the 80s. Even as chilly and cloudy as it was, the impact of the monument brought tears to my eyes (not a usual occurance for me).

After spending many hours at Mt. Rushmore, we did a few other things such as an 1880 train ride and a trip to see Crazy Horse. We were tourists to the max!!

We left the next morning, but first went back to Mt. Rushmore to eat breakfast. The day was glorious, so I had to take more photos. We had a nice breakfast looking up at the Presidents then started the loooong drive back to Dallas. All in all, we put 3250 miles on my car in 7 days!

I will leave you today with this shot:


Cindy said...

Great photos! Mt Rushmore must be an awesome sight in person!

Knittinreed said...

Thanks, Cindy - it took my breath away. If you ever get a chance, do go see it.

sara_jayne said...

Great pictures! I hope to get to see Mt Rushmore soon - it is not too far away! I hope your car recovers soon - I thought us doing 2500 miles in 8 days was bad - I couldn't imagine doing more! I still don't want to see the inside of my car for a while!