Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Frogging, Flying and an FO

Oh yes, frogging is no fun. But as you all commiserated in agreement with me, I know it was what had to be. That yarn is so fabulous (my favorite colors) that it deserves something fun. There will be some dainty little lace project that beckons that silk/alpaca blend.

Being in any airplane for 6 hours instead of 3 stinks. Thankfully there were no mishaps - unlike that horrible fatal commuter plane accident in Kentucky. That was due to a combination of air traffic controller and pilot error. (Quiet prayer said here.)

I finished the Fern Lace Stole from the Little Box of Scarves:

Believe it or not - this is from a Red Heart acrylic called Luster Sheen. I need to wash it and shape it. I guess we cannot call this blocking, since it will do pretty much what it wants anyway.

The Bamboo from Alchemy Yarns has been lovely to knit - here is "Town and Country" from Knitpicks Elizabeth 1 scarf collection:

The picture does not do this yarn justice - it has a lovely variegation in the dye and is soft and lustrous. Is bamboo yarn something I can block?! Hmmm - maybe I should have thought about that before I began this project!

The pattern calls for needle size ranging from #4-6. The yarn label suggests #5. I am using #4, but I think the fabric is a bit floppy. The width is already 8" which is the finished size. Maybe I'll go down to a #3.

Aprilynne - yes we got a bit of rain. Unfortunately, our roses and Indian Hawthorne still look worse for the wear. We need about a week of rain to come close to helping the drought. Did you get any in Ft. Worth?

Sharon (Unraveled Again) - Wedding music: for the prelude I played the 1st movement of Marcello, Handel Concerto Grosso in Bb, Krebs Fantasia in F minor and for the mothers seating, Dominus Deu from the Vivaldi Gloria. The organist played the soprano line on one of the manuals.

Hey y'all - go see Unraveled Again's blog - her knitting is scrumptious as is her oboe playing!!


Meredith said...

Fern Lace Stole looks lovely! I'm not sure about blocking bamboo--you may be able to even out stitches with a wash, at least.

schrodinger said...

The scarf looks great.

You can totally block bamboo - my last bamboo thing, I just did what I do for everything, pinned it out to where I wanted everything and spritzed it with some water.

sara_jayne said...

The stole looks wonderful - I love the colors! The bamboo scarf looks lovely so far - I haven't knit with it yet so I have no blocking tips but I've used Schrodinger's method with great success.

Knittinreed said...

Thank you!!! I am happy with the scarf. Now I need to decide who will receive it as a Christmas gift.

And I am even happier knowing I can block the bamboo!