Saturday, June 10, 2006


Today is hot and sunny here in Texas. From last year to this, we are something like 54% below normal for rainfall and water usage restrictions are in effect.
These pictures were taken outdoors with the 11:00 a.m. at 92 degrees F with the sun beating down.

The Fern Lace Stole is moving at a slow but steady pace:

And the back of my sweater is done (not blocking, just pinned for the photo):

I have begun the first sleeve:

And then I saw the cutest top Mer Knits showed us on her blog and just couldn't resist buying the pattern and making a trip to the LYS:

I am hoping it will look good in this creamy Sirdar "Breeze."

As always, I am grateful to receive your kind comments.

We enjoyed our 20th anniversary with a nice dinner. My wonderful husband gave me a beautiful pearl and gold bracelet to pair with the pearl necklace I frequently wear. So of course I wore them both last night for our Brahms Requeim performance. I think pearls look nice with formal black dress. Here's to 20 more years!

My teacher is still awaiting diagnosis of his condition and treatment options. He is having good days and bad days as well. Prayers for him and his family are welcome if you are so inclined.

I hope your weekend is relaxing and filled with good knitting and family (or whatever) time.


lobstah said...

Yay, I'm so glad to see some photos of the sweater progress! It looks like you're doing great. I love Green Gables too. I think people need to stop making so many cute patterns 'cause I don't have time for them all!

Teyani said...

A friend of mine in the blog world just made Green Gables, check it out at; it's a couple of posts ago, but worth seeing. It's a beautiful garment.

Your wip's look great.

sara_jayne said...

The sweater and shawl look great so far. I think green gable will look great in that beautiful cream!I will keep your mentor & family in my prayers.

Meredith said...

It's pretty darn hot here too! Glad that you'll be doing Green Gable--it's a cute pattern!

Sharon said...

Can we swap, it is freezing cold where I live :(

Lovely WIPs happening there, and I think that the cream will look lovely.

Sharon G. said...

You'll love Green Gable - it's an easy yet fulfilling pattern. I wear mine all the time. The cream is gorgeous, too. If I make another, it'll def be in a cream.

Your wips are beautiful.