Monday, June 26, 2006

Vacation Time

We are getting ready for our vacation in Cozumel next week after the July 4th concerts. Socks are on the menu ~ I received this pretty buttery yarn from Carodan Farms and think it will turn into a nice pair of Embossed Leaves. I found that I prefer solids over colorways that show off the more intricate textures clearly. Whaddya think?

I considered navy blue but the bright colors are appealing to me right now.

Face cloths are always a beach favorite of mine too:

One of my friends admired the speckled yarn and thought a face cloth out of it would be perfect. Ahhh, one Christmas gift figured out!

I like to knit while sitting on the beach under a palapa, enjoying an adult beverage while looking out over the water and enjoying the sounds and sensations of the beach.

(Palapa: the big straw umbrella firmly planted in the sand)

I found this palapa picture on our hotel website and realized the person taking it might have had a bit too much adult beverage ~ the ocean doesn't actually tilt to the south!


Meredith said...

The vacation sounds lovely! I think the socks will work well in that yarn--solids do tend to show off lace better.

sara_jayne said...

Enjoy vacation - that picture looks 100% like my families' vacation several years ago to Cancune - I do hope you have a good time! I too prefer lace patterns in a solid color.

Jane said...

That looks like heaven! Sitting on that beach, looking out at the ocean, and knitting! I like the solid sock yarn for patterns too.
Enjoy your vacation!