Saturday, June 17, 2006

A Slow Go

Caution: lots of pictures!

This week has been a slow go for dear Green Gables. I ripped it out yet again after deciding the underarm was too tight. I figured out why: I had used M1 instead of K1F&B for the increases. Why, one might ask? I did not know this increase and could not find it in my Montse Stanley book, so I figured it would work okay. Not! M1 is not at all stretchy. And after looking at the lace panel, I decided I could do a better job than that as well.

So I cast on yet again and knit a few rows. Alas! Now what did I do???

Twisted when I joined. Oh rats! I guess it was just too late, I was too tired and I did have a bit of an adult beverage, thank you.

GG got ripped out one more time. The next morning I started over. This time I was *very* careful in joining and had success. I found in my Sally Melville Purl how to do the K1F&B. So now I am on the way again. This easy little Tee has been anything but for me! Here are some pics:

Here is the K1F&B:

Remember that we just celebrated our 20th? Here is the beautiful bracelet my beloved husband gave to me:

When I returned home after Opera rehearsal today, guess what was sitting on my front step?This:

And what was in said box?

Yummy sock yarn from Carodan Farms!

Now that work is done for the weekend, my husband has also finished and we are just relaxing for a bit, I look forward to some quiet knitting time tonight and tomorrow.


Julie said...

That darned Green Gable...everybody's knitting it! Looks soon as I reduce my stash a bit I think I'm gonna have to get that pattern... ;)

Meredith said...

Sorry it's been such a tough knit--I always refer to for anything I don't know. But I'm glad you've got it going again! It's such a cute top.

Sharon said...

Lovely Green Gable so far, even if it has caused a little grief. I always feel that knits that give grief are truly appreciated when completed ;)

Lovely bracelet, you were very spoilt.

sara_jayne said...

That bracelet is beautiful! I hope green gable is done being frogged now! Good lucky!

Knittinreed said...

Thanks, honeys. My husband does indeed spoil me. He is a keeper!

GG is moving ahead at a nice steady pace now. I always learn lots when I get confused and have to sort it all out. So the frogging time was not wasted. (Yes, I should have checked, but it never entered my feeble mind!)

And then there is that oboe player personality - perseverance!

lobstah said...

I can't tell you how many times I've ripped and redone things out of "pickiness." But it is so worth it in the end! And you're right, the majority of learning comes from our mistakes.
Anyway, it's looking really nice!