Monday, June 19, 2006

Back on Track!

Here is my Green Gable that is again underway:

I think I have figured it out and feel confident (for now.) Let's hope the train will stay on the right track this time!

We are awaiting my mentor's results from the tests and the course of action the doctors will recommend. We should know something Wednesday. He is very concerned that this might (in his words) be the beginning of the end. I hear that and it just breaks my heart and I find myself fighting back tears. I feel like I am losing my father all over again. On a positive note, I called on Friday and we had a good conversation.

I must stay focused and concentrate since that is what he would expect of me; this week is full of Opera rehearsals and performances. I will be out every night and Sunday afternoon. We are performing The Marriage Of Figaro by Mozart. The soloists were very good (all but one who was just okay) at Saturday's rehearsal, but we will hear what tomorrow brings. This is a 3 1/2 hour opera, so the nights will all be loooooooooooooong.


sara_jayne said...

Green gable is looking great - glad you are feeling more confident about it. I hope rehersals and performances go well - it is tough to be out so much. I do hope everything is okay with your mentor - how tough that must be.

Teyani said...

the highest compliment to any mentor / teacher is to have their student succeed and love their art. Play with your heart, and he'll feel the love all the way across country.
Green Gables is looking fabulous, btw.