Tuesday, February 28, 2006

New Ideas

I have been one of those knitters who likes small projects - fast, portable and feel the semi-instant gratification. However, after looking at this website:


I think I have changed my mind. It may be time to delve into longer term knitting projects!

If you have not visited this site before, go now!
There are the most beautiful creations for all.
I am thinking about knitting this one:
It is design no. 94-27.

Back to the old me: I have cast on the second Lacy Sock and have about 3 inches of leg done so far. I am hoping for a finish of Sunday (again.) We have symphony this week ~ boy, work sure cuts into knitting time!!

I will hear from the rest of my students this week to see how they fared in their solo competitions from Saturday. So far, those who have reported have done great. All have received the highest possible rating for the solos they played. I can't wait for the final tally... These kids are truly wonderful individuals. I am lucky to be able to teach them.


schrodinger said...

Garn Studio have some great patterns don't they. I searched their site recently and found that I just couldn't chose which sweater I wanted to knit! So many lovely ones.

lobstah said...

Heck yeah! I like small projects sometimes, but only a big project can give me that super-satisfied accomplished feeling.
And that is a gorgeous sweater design! Go for it!

Meredith said...

Ooh, I love that one you picked out!

Sharon said...

That is a lovely pattern, pity they don't have a store in Oz :(