Friday, December 09, 2005

Finally Friday

And it is off to make more music this weekend. I drove to St. Stephen Presbyterian Church last night for a rehearsal. It is a remarkable building considering it was built in the 1900s. I have to go back on Sunday morning to play the service.

Tomorrow morning is a Messiah rehearsal, then home to teach. And that evening will be the last performance of "Tales of Hoffman" so I will go hear my husband and friends perform in the orchestra. Oh yes, I guess I will also listen to the singers. And yes, I will also take my knitting to do before the show since we will be there quite early.
Sunday will be busy with the early morning St. Stephen service, then another church service in the afternoon, then off to play my final Messiah performance for this Christmas season.
I sure hope I can get in some knitting here or there. Maybe during the sermons?! After all, we won't be seen up in the choir lofts and I can knit and listen at the same time. (Unlike at the Opera, thank you.) I hope to get my husband's Irish Hiking Scarf done as well as the Tiger Eye. Wish me luck!