Friday, December 23, 2005

Already Friday

Where did this week go??? After a looooong weekend and students on Monday, I finally finished my Xmas shopping. Although there are still cards to write and send (yes, yes, I know they will be late) everything else is finished.

One of my students is entering a concerto competition, so we were recording her last night. The sound was good except for the dratted minidisc player skipping! We are re-recording today.

We put up the tree 2 weeks ago but only on Wednesday did we decorate. It has been difficult for me to get in the Christmas mood this year.

I am almost finished with the Tiger Eye scarf. I think I will keep this one for me and wear it Christmas Eve. I have not been working on the Dainty Bess but will get back to is as soon as Tiger is done.

Pics of the works soon ..... I promise.