Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Wintery Wednesday

The wind is blowing, the sleet is falling, the city is getting all backed up. Traveling on icy roads in an urban setting is no fun! Since we have no snow removal and lots of bridges and overpasses, the area basically shuts down. Many activities for this evening have been cancelled - gee, I wonder if my rehearsal will be cancelled?

My dear husband has a crummy cold, so I made comfort food for dinner - Chicken Shepard's Pie.
Too bad he has to drive downtown and play opera tonight. At least when he returns home, the fireplace will be burning and the room cozy and warm.

I just started the second skein of Tiger's Eye.
So here is a pic of my WIP.


Windansea said...

Hi Cecioboe, I was about to ask what instrument you play and then - duh - as I was typing your name it came to me. Anyway, I love this scarf...definitely looks like you wouldn't get bored knitting.

Zippianna said...

I can see why it's called that. A very beautiful pattern. Hope that your hubby's cold goes rapidly away. That's far too close to the Holiday for comfort. Stay warm Cecioboe. My sister's name is Celeste and we call her Cesi.

Anonymous said...

do you share your pattern

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Tiger's Eye Scarf. Where did you get the pattern, if I may?

Thanks! =)

~rosie~ from KR.