Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Tiger Eye and Dainty Bess

Today we took my car in for 45K maintenance. Nice thing - they give us a loaner car to use! So my husband and I went shopping. We didn't buy much (with our gift cards from Xmas) but we did have a lovely morning together.

I finished the Tiger Eye Scarf and am in the blocking process. Now before you look at this, I use an old striped beach towel as a guide. It looks like he** but keeps me in line. Literally. Can't see too much of the pattern due to the lovely red stripes, so when it is dry I'll try for a better detail shot.

So here is the blocking of Tiger Eye:

Next on the needles is Dainty Bess. I bought the pattern from Knit Picks in a collection of three called Elizabeth I. This is using Knit Picks Shimmer, an Alpaca and Silk blend and #4 needles. The fingers at the top are my husbands, mine at the bottom. (No, I don't have three hands although sometimes it would be really nice!)