Friday, October 28, 2005

Lovely Day in the Neighborhood

Today was a Cooking Light Lunch day. I got up early and made Irish Mashed Potatoes to take. We had a Honey-Hoison Pork Loin that was out of this world, and the salad and of course dessert were also yummy. Not to mention great conversation with dear friends! Yes, it was indeed a lovely day.

I had the lunch bunch measure their feet (using Queen Kahuna's big sock pic) so I could make them socks. In my spare time. Yeah, right! No promises for Christmas, but I will try make them each a pair before I am too old and my eyes too weak to see those tiny little #1 or #0 Addis!

Almost finished the cuff of my ever-pooling sock last night. I really do hope to finish it tonight.