Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

Here is a pictograph of our past two days:

The pie went in like this

And came out like this

While Jim and David were hanging the Christmas lights

The turkey breast was in the rotisserie

And came out delicious.
Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the cooked turkey breast - it was yummy and really pretty!
Then we ate and went to some friends' house to share our pies

And some laughs

Then the turkey bones became stock

Today we went to work -

Here is our concert master taking the tuning note

And my husband concentrating more than me

Our music is the Nutcracker

Here is the oboe section

And my surreptitious photography of the dancers

Whew! I'm glad no one caught me...

Tomorrow is rehearsal with Sandy Patti... probably will not be able to sneak any pictures....

I hope your Thanksgiving was great! See you in a few days.


Patty said...

Ooh ... you still get to do Nutcracker with two oboes and English horn?! We have had to cut it down, and I have to play 2nd oboe and English horn. Not only that ... but our production has the Polonaise from Eugene Onegin and some of Capriccio (sp?) Italien added in. (Don't ask!)

I didn't realize Sandy Patti still singing. I've been out of the CCM world for a while, I guess.

Larjmarj said...

I want that pie badly!!

LOL..I love the thought of you sneaking pics, Now I know that all the trouble makers are in the reed section ;-)

twig said...

That's quite a pie! Our apple pie was Mrs. Smith's (shhhh! Don't tell anyone) but I did make a chocolate pie from scratch.

It sounds like your holiday was wonderful -- glad to hear it. We will have leftovers for the next year or so because I made a 13 lb turkey for the two of us. heheheh