Sunday, November 02, 2008

A Queen, a table and a gig

Sounds like it ought to be a joke, no?

Ice Queen is moving right along but somehow I need more beads. I really thought I bought the right number - guess not. Anyway, here she is so far:

I am ready to do the bind off, but need the rest of the beads before I can continue.

We decided to purchase a new dining room set after we gave the old one away and after lots of searching found this beautiful one from Broyhill.

We gave the store our credit card, paid for the set and have been anxiously awaiting delivery. Friday a letter comes in the mail telling us the Broyhill Home Stores in the area have been closed and are declaring bankruptcy and that our furniture will not be delivered. What the *&#@?
We called customer service for the manufacturer and were told these stores owed the company millions of dollars and we could file a claim to retrieve our money. So we called the credit card company and explained the problem - they have a dispute form we can file to get our money back. In the meantime, we still have no table or chairs.
I found a distributor (in North Carolina) for this particular line of furniture that ships nationwide. But - it will take another 6-8 weeks for delivery! The price is actually about the same so I think we are going to order from them. If we are lucky, we will be reimbursed for the original purchase and have a new dining set by Christmas. What a pain in the butt!

Here are some shots from last night's job - my husband:

St. Andrew's Methodist Church:

Inside the sanctuary:

We play in some beautiful settings although coming from a small town in upstate NY, I am amazed at the size of these churches. I think our little one could easily fit inside this a few times over!

I wanted to thank you for your comments about my health. I appreciate your good wishes :-) I am definitely almost done with the coughing but the dietary changes are a pain in the a$$. Things like not eating three hours before bed - I don't finish work until later than that many nights. And not wine at night! Rats!!! My favorite adult beverage! No acidic or spicy food - yeah, right! We live in Texas - so there are lots of great Tex-Mex places and delicious Italian food. I have even cut back to 1 1/2 cups of coffee in the morning (apparently caffeine also aggravates this condition). I have been faithfully taking the Nexium and now carry Rolaids around with me. If I know I am eating something I have been warned about, in go the Rolaids. So far, so good.

This is just another thing I have to discipline myself to do. Isn't enough that I am highly disciplined in my profession (practice and make reeds daily? Yes - every day!) and now I have to adhere to this too?!

As she drinks her morning coffee (bad girl!) she says, "I hope your day is a good one -"


schrodinger said...

Oh no! That sucks about your furniture, I hope you get your money and the furniture without anymore issues. It's a pain having to change your diet - I had to do it for the reflux during pregnancy, so you have my full sympathy.

Patty said...

I have acid reflux. I take omepraloz for it. I was on 2 pills per day, and moved down to 1, although if I feel it getting bad I move back to two. I still drink wine. I just have to be careful about it, and I know if I eat after a job at night I'm going to regret it.

I always thought heartburn was in the heart area. Not so, I guess!

I found out I had it not from coughing, but because it felt like there was a lump in my esophagus. I'd swallow and swallow and it wouldn't go away. When I had an endoscopy the doc said she saw scarring from the AR, so I guess it has done a bit of damage.

In addition, I had a few scary middle of the night episodes where -- sorry if this sounds gross -- stuff from my stomach came up and the stomach acid nearly felt like it was going to kill me and I'd choke horribly as well.

Anyway ... sorry to ramble ... the AR is under conrol for the most part now. I hope you can, on occasion, have that nice glass of wine!

Meredith said...

Ice Queen looks very pretty! Sorry about the furniture situation - it's good that you put it on your credit card and can get your money back.

twig said...

Yikes! I hope the refund process is quick and easy. *fingers crossed for you*

lobstah said...

How awful about the furniture! It is good that you put it on the credit card since at the very least the cc company should make good on it!

Sorry to hear about having to make some not-so-fun dietary changes. I think if I had to give up spicy food and tomato sauce I would cry :( Hopefully you can at least have them occasionally.