Monday, November 24, 2008

A beautiful fall day here

Good Monday Everyone!

The sun is shining, the temperature is pleasant, the leaves are rustling in the light breeze. All in all, a perfect fall day.

Thank you for your thoughts. The health issues are almost gone and so are quite a few pounds from not eating at night! Who would have thought?!

I am halfway through another Ice Queen, but in black. I have a colleague who I think will like it.

Jim's Cobblestone is progressing amazingly well. I ditched the Sirdar sweater (too much seed stitch) for this easy-peasy pullover. I am using Sirdar Country DK, Options #4 needles and knitting the 2nd largest size. My gauge is 22" instead of the called for 18" so I am hoping this will fit.

The short row shaping is fabulous! And by knitting the wrap with the stitch, there are no holes :-)

And here is a shot of the sleeves attached. I think this will be an FO very soon.

I planted some sweet little violas this weekend -

I love the tiny size of these flowers and the look of pansies. All in all, a perfect flower.

What are you all doing for Thanksgiving? We are having a friend eat with us and he and Jim will put up our Christmas lights. Then the seasonal insane schedule of rehearsals and performances begins. Nutcracker is Fri, Sat and Sun along with a rehearsal and performance with Sandi Patty.

I hope your Thanksgiving is filled with joy. I feel thankful for my beloved husband, wonderful mother and family, dear friends, both in person and cyber-space. My best wishes are with you all -


Panhandle Jane said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better. My family--DH, son and wife and 2 children, daughter, husband, and 2 children--will all be together for Thanksgiving. We won't have our family Christmas until New Year's Day, but that's OK. For one thing, it gives me an extra week to finish knitting some presents. Enjoy the Nutcracker!

twig said...

Glad to hear things are progressing well with your health. However, I don't want to hear about how nice your weather is from now until at least the 3rd week of May. It's already too darned cold here and I'd rather think that the rest of the world is suffering along with me. hehehe

Happy Thanksgiving.

Larjmarj said...

Happy Thanksgiving and glad to hear that you're feeling better.

I love pansies, I had some black one's this last year that looked so cool.