Monday, October 27, 2008

Ice Queen

This has been a busy time for us. Work has kept us pedaling as fast as we can... yes, this is a good thing. It surprises me that in today's economic situation we musicians are very busy. But then when the Titanic was sinking, the musicians played until the end!

Last week was filled up working with a pick up orchestra job, a church job playing Bach (difficult but soul-fulfilling), and Poulenc Gloria - a glorious choral piece. This week is Metropolitan Classic Ballet, then Dallas Chamber Orchestra and a weekend church job. Then next week is RSO....

Here is Ice Queen so far. Kidsilk Haze is yummy soft but really slippery to knit with. I am using Bryspun #8 16 inch circs and Swarovski crystal beads. The color does not look true - it is a dark plum, not so much blue. Of course it looks like a blob until blocking:

And a shot out in the sunlight:

And the Cobblestone Pullover for Jim is coming nicely - I have about 10 inches knit so far. No pics today - nothing much to see.

The mums we planted in the yard are, well, see for your self:

A quick health note - after oodles of doctor's visits, tests, and pharmaceuticals, it was determined that the coughing is due to Acid Reflux! So these past few years of problems are finally nearing the end. This was really a surprise to me since I simply do not have heartburn. Ever. What I didn't know is you can have the condition and not the usual symptoms. I have already changed some of my eating habits and am taking the meds prescribed with good results. This is something I will have to treat for the rest of my life. As soon as the coughing is totally gone, we should be able to find a generic prescription that will work and not break the bank. At least I am hoping so because Nexium is really pricey.

Have a wonderful week ~


twig said...

Wow, I never would have thought that coughing would be the result of acid reflux. This, I guess, is why people don't come to me for medical advice. Glad to hear it's something that is treatable and not life threatening.

Larjmarj said...

At least they found out what was wrong. I vote for more diet changes and less meds. I have a healthy distrust of docs and hospitals (I work in one).

Ice queen looks gorgeous. Lurve the purrrple.

Nice tie in about the Titanic and the econonmy. Sadly true.

Psyched2Knit said...

love the purple. Good for you for working with it - mohair always drives me nuts. Good luck with the medical stuff.

schrodinger said...

So glad you've got your health issues figured out - here's hoping the diet change helps