Sunday, July 22, 2007

Random Sunday Stuff

The final performance was last night. It was a fun run, but I am happy to be done. Gilbert and Sullivan music is somewhat simple and seems to roll around in my head almost constantly after playing it for two weeks. I am ready for a little R & R.

Did I mention we are going to Mexico tomorrow? For a week? To meet Jim's sister and family and lay around on the beach, belly up to the pool bar and basically decompress?
I didn't? Oh, bad, bad me!

We plan spending many hours gazing at this.

And Twig - thank you ever so much for nominating me for

What a sweet surprise. Now it is up to me to nominate five more buddies. Hmmm - This was difficult, since there are so many wonderful Rockin' Girls!

But here we go:
Sharon at Unraveled Again
LarjMarj at Knizzle fo Shizzle
Mer at Mer Knits

There are really a few more people I would like to nominate, but I am only allowed five. So some of you are in my heart, but not on the list..... Please forgive.

Finally - some knitting content!

Even though we were in production, I did knit a few little (and I mean little) goodies:

How about a pair of tiny (3") baby mittens? Yes, I warned you they were little :>)

I am still trying to decide what to take for beach knitting.... in the meantime, here are my beach ready toes:

~~~~~ See you next week ~~~~~~


Larjmarj said...

Wowzers!! Thanks for the nomination!
Have fun on your va-ca. As for beach knitting? Dishcloths? I think cotton is pretty "sand friendly".

schrodinger said...

Woweee! thanks for the nomination, very cool!

Enjoy the vacation, I second the cotton suggestion from Larjarj, but would suggest a log cabin blanket, plenty of mindless garter stitch, with a beautiful result.

lobstah said...

Aw, thanks!
Hope you are having a great time in Mexico!

Meredith said...

Have fun at the beach--and thanks for nominating me!

Zarzuela said...

Enjoy your trip! :)