Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pirates and Kimonos

Hi Bloggie Knitting Buddies!

Pirates has been going well. We got reviewed last night and although he wasn't completely kind to the singers and conductor, he wrote "Dr. (conductor's name) got mostly taut and carefully scaled playing from a compact ensemble of four winds and five strings." To me that says we did just fine, playing together and well balanced. Nothing wrong with that!

As for stage fright (or pit fright) Twig and Larjmarj - I do have random times of performance anxiety. However, in this show there is a lot to concentrate on so I haven't felt nervous. I guess after 40 years of playing the oboe my nerves are usually under control. Only now and then do I feel scared. I appreciate your interest and concern.

Shrodinger - thanks for the well wishes. One of the divas, oops, I mean singers said "toi toi." I know it meant good luck, but I had never heard that one before. Any idea what language??

Here are the bibs and kimonos from Mason Dixon patterns I just finished. They were knit with Sugar and Cream cotton on #5 needles. I know Twig's new (in the fall) grandbabies will feel loved in them. :-)


twig said...

Aren't they cute!!!! Thank you so much!

As for toi toi I think it's German.

If you don't want to retype the link, do a google search for toi toi

lobstah said...

Ooh, so cute!

Meredith said...

Very cute! Those are such great gifts--I have to remember that pattern the next time I need a baby gift.

Larjmarj said...

"Toi, toi, toi' is another offering of good luck. It's often said along with the German equivalent of the Anglo-Saxon crossed fingers when hoping for a good outcome"

Found that on Google.

The kimonos and bibs are too cute. Great gifts!