Sunday, May 27, 2007

Who knew?

That Laura Bush is a good friend of the stained glass window artist and would be at the dedication this morning?! Here I am thinking it is just special music they hired us for - I did not know we would have special people there too.

I took my camera on a whim just because this church is so pretty I wanted a photo. Who knew I could get the First Lady too??

I guess you never know who will be in the audience.


Sheknits said...

That's so cool you had your camera with you! Just waned to say thanks for the pattern suggestion for my first ever pair of socks - I will ceck it out.

Cindy said...

Very cool!

Bonnie said...

Thank goodness Secret Service agents didn't think it was an assasination attempt and tackle you! ;-)

Thanks for sharing the pick.

Raychel said...

Hey! That's my church! I was at the Contemporary service at that time, but we were watching a feed of the Traditional service.

My dad is an usher, and he talked to a Secret Service agent. Ha, he just asked if he should leave the door open or closed and the SS guy said, "Leave it open". WOW!

Knittinreed said...

LOL Bonnie - the flutist was scared to take a picture for that very reason!!

Raychel - I didn't see you there! I was the oboist.