Saturday, May 26, 2007

I'm a bad girl

Thanks y'all!!! Italy was very romantic. We would like to go back sometime. And Woodstock was indeed an experience for the then 15 year old attendee. And if you were wondering, my parents told me I could not go but being the rebellious young thing at that time - I went anyway. After all, it was only 6 miles from where we lived! How could I not!!??!! Strangely enough, for all my hard rockin' Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Band, Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers, Steely Dan, etc. rebellious youth, I have become quite conservative in my attitudes. Go figure.

Yes, I am indeed a bad, bad girl. And my husband does not help when he enables my by saying - "Have fun, I hope you find something you like!" You may think my misbehavior must relate to my colorful past, but no - it is indeed in the present. Read on~

I received an email from Jill telling me of her Woolie Ewe's Birthday Sale - 35% off everything in the store. So I drove over this morning and I found a few (HA!) little items:

I bought Mason-Dixon Knitting 'cos so many people have knit such cool items from it! The pattern is another Sirdar - #8872 - and the black ribbon yarn is the Ocean for which the sweater is designed. I thought it would be sweet for concerts. And of course, some yummy LL sock yarn in Denim. Like I don't have enough sock yarn .....

So as if that is not bad enough, after I arrive back home the postman rings my bell and delivers a box from KP containing this:

Here we have 3 colors of Essentials sock yarn on the left (what??? MORE sock yarn?), 6 Shine Sport in Orchid for a little tank top, the color card to go with said Shine, 2 packs of pins for blocking and one #3 circ.

But I am trying to be a good girl as well and put my personal UFOs on hold to knit this little blanket for a favorite former student who's baby shower is in 2 weeks:

I bought the (acrylic/ nylon blend) yarn at Hobby Lobby with a 40% discount (see, I am trying to be good). I know the pattern is a bit holey for a baby blanket, but I thought it was pretty. And it came from a Filatura Di Crosa baby pattern book.

Please cross your fingers that I can complete this (and keep my ADD knitting sanity even though I am staying on this one project until completion) by June 16.......


Larjmarj said...

As I have said before tis a fine line between some hard rockin' and classical. Especially some of the metal that's out there, very symphonic.
The baby blanket is very nice, I like the way the colors work up with the pattern.
Occasionally the hub enables me. Very dangerous of him to do so.

twig said...

I am stuck in the past. Most often in my house when I'm playing CDs, it's Janis, Jimi, the Beatles, Lennon, The Who, or The Clash (ok, so maybe they don't fit into 60s/70s group, but I love 'em). I wish (now) that I'd been able to go to Woodstock but (a) we lived in Florida and (b) I was 5.