Friday, June 01, 2007

Yeah, Baby

The baby blanket is coming along.
Here we are at 19".
Only 20 more inches to go..... can she hang in there being monogomus to the blanket?

Ummmmm, well no.
I actually cast on the Argosy scarf tonight.
Change is good!

Here is a bit of eye candy outside my front door:

I don't know if I prefer pinky pink

Or crayon red

What do you think?

As I was walking this morning, I passed this tree. If my tree guy had even discussed topping a tree, I would fire him. But to do this is just a travesty.

I had to take a photo because it is unbelievable to me someone actually did this and got paid for it!

I can't believe the homeowner knew what he was in for. That tree service needs to be uprooted.

The poor tree.


twig said...

Will the tree survive like that? My husband and I call stuff like that "Oklahoma-izing" When we lived in OK, it seems the favorite pasttime was to cut down trees.

Knittinreed said...

I don't know, Twig. I hope so...

Larjmarj said...

I HATE it when people feel the need to cut down or mutilate trees in order to have golf course grass. One year Mr. Larj chopped at some of the roots of one of the pines in our front yard. I didn't speak to him for a week.
I know what you mean about long project monogamy. I have been trying to finish a shawl since October to no avail. Oh well. The Argosy is on my list as well. Can't wait to see yours.

Debi said...

The red is very vibrant but common, the pink is more unusual for geraniums.

That tree looks like post h*urricane Florida :)

schrodinger said...

Wow! That poor tree! I like both colors, very vibrant.

Lucy said...

If a tree gets too close to overhead power-lines here they'll do that too!! Those geraniums are gorgeous and the baby blanket is looking good. I find it compulsory to cast on at least one new project before another is finished!! Happy Knitting!

Angeluna said...

That poor tree. I'm guessing you may be in the Dallas area since you mentioned the Woolie Ewe. Boy, I avoided that sale and it wasn't easy. It just sounded way too good. In any case, as someone mentioned, they were severely chopping at trees that were near power lines. They ruined whole neighborhoods. And the backyard photo with your Bolero looks like it could have been next door! I'm in FW.

Angeluna said...

Hi CeCe, Thanks for your response on my blog. Seems I have no way to e-mail you directly, so I'm giving you mine...meduse at charter dot com. Must figure out how to make that easier.

I am laughing. I grew up in Richardson, where my family went back to the 1850s. Lived many years in Italy. Work in classical music. My desert island composer would be Bach. I adore Shostakovich symphonies, pretty much all of them, a genius! Argosy, well the revised Noro Argosy Shawl, is high on my to do list. Embossed Leaves are next on my list, when I finish the Monkeys and Baudelaires I'm working on.

BTW, I like the pink and red geraniums together more than either color apart.

zippiknits said...

It's a shame that the tree trimmers decided to make a lolipop tree out of it. We had to cut down two huge elms in our side yard because they were just way too big for the space, and the roots took out our bathroon, literally. The neighbor hated them as well.

But I mourned for my trees and the shade they provided. Trees have short lives in suburbia. I put before pictures on my blog in their honor. They were the last plants I had of my mother's small nursery from 24 years ago. They came as babies in coffee cans.