Thursday, March 01, 2007

Socks, Symphonies and Students

Dear Friends-

Thanks so much for your input. After knitting numerous rounds of stockinette, I decided I was too bored and needed a change.

So I frogged back and began the gusset and instep with the ribbing. I also went down to #0 because I thought the fabric felt to loose. The cool part is that I switched to the Pony Pearls - they are NICE! They feel as comfortable as (my favorite) Crystal Palace DPNs, but the tips are not quite as sharp.

Work has been extremely hectic - I have played (4) children's concerts with the Plano Symphony already this week as well as rehearsals with the Richardson Symphony. Our RSO concert is Saturday and the repertoire is hard! But really fun.

The rest of my students have solo and ensemble competitions this weekend, so I have been trying to fit in as many lessons as possible in between the rehearsals and performances. Due to all this, my brain is fried and my body tired, so knitting and spinning have not been on the calendar. (Well, maybe a few rows on the socks).
Sunday is a day off, so my DH wants to check out a new venue where he has a wedding to play (remember - he is a cellist and does lots and lots of weddings, receptions, parties, etc.) Then we will probably eat dinner some where. All in all, a nice weekend.
I confess that will be happy when the Saturday performance of Ravel's Rapsody Espagnole is done - there are a lot of English horn solos for me. I am in the pressure cooker this weekend and am hoping I don't get overcooked!!


Larjmarj said...

So far so good on the sock! Well done. Your house must be filled with great music at any given moment. Your DH is a cellist? I have been listening to a band out of Finland called Apocalyptica. It's three cellists and a drummer who play metal music, they do Metallica covers etc.
Either Google or You Tube them for a different take on a classic instrument.

schrodinger said...

Aren't the pony pearls great? So much kinder on the hands than metal and less "stickiness" than bamboo.

Meredith said...

Glad to know about the needles!

Hope you get to de-stress with more knitting soon. ;)

Ruth said...

Ah, you have the perfect blog...knitting and doublereeds! I saw your post regarding the pony pearls at the knitting forum and you're name caught my eye. I'm a beginning knitter and an amateur adult oboe player. I love both!

Ruth said...

correction--- "your name" not "you're name"

I hate it when I use bad grammar, so I just had to correct my error.